Zeranabol — beta-resorcylic acid lactone

Zeranabol is used in research as a means of causing liver damage in test animals. (Cruel but true) In the case of drug treatment research, the drug is utilized for this intent so they can find out if another drug they wish to market will cure the damage they have caused. (Even crueler).

Brand name Zeranabol

Sometime in the 80's athletes found out Zeranabol had anabolic activity. Since it is actually a form of estrogen, the drug increases nitrogen retention. IGF-1, GH, and Insulin secretion increases are also realized for the same reason. The result is some lean mass gain with high water retention. For the most part, users have realize HPTA function suppression at extreme rates, gyno, fat deposits, and head-aches. Oh, did I mention liver damage?

The reason this non-steroidal estrogenic fungus based drug has been included is simple: Some dealers have claimed it to be a Mexican methandriol. Yes, it would have similar effects such as better androgen receptor-site sensitivity and elevated IGF-1 levels, but so does some oral female contraceptives. Worse yet is the bad bogus versions of Zeranabol that were floating around. Bottom line, do not do it!


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