Taraxacum Officinale

I realize some may consider Taraxacum Officinale an unlikely effective diuretic simply because it is naturally occurring as dandelion root. But testosterone is naturally occurring also and nobody laughs at its effectiveness. Taraxacum is actually a very potent diuretic with the unusual advantage of possessing a natural built-in source of potassium. Since water shedding increases potassium excretion, this is potentially a health benefit that adds to the over all effectiveness. The active extract is water soluble, and oral ingestion is highly absorbed for this reason.

Brand name Taraxacum Officinale

As discussed prior, diuretics were often utilized by many of the competing athletes polled during AAS use as a means of controlling blood pressure elevation. Taraxacum was probably the safest product used for this purpose. Fortunately, it is a commonly found ingredient in many OTC weight loss supplements.


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