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Arnold Schwarzenegger Says Steroid Abuse Is a Big Problem in Bodybuilding

The seven-time Mr. Olympia winner advocated for more drug testing during a seminar at the Arnold Classic Africa.

Are you a steroid abuser? Be prepared for these side effects

Recent research reveals that men misuse steroids for stronger muscles and higher fitness quotient. You may face dire health consequences if you use steroids without doctor's prescription.

Surprising statistics regarding steroid use have been revealed in an International Study

A staggering statistic has emerged from a Russian study today. Around 30 per cent of regular gym-goers have admitted to being steroid users, with 70 per cent of users saying they were aware of the side effects. Ross and John spoke to Associate Professor Zali Yager, from the Institute of Health and Sport at Victoria University.

It’s not all gym junkies and ‘roid rage’ – people use steroids for a variety of reasons

Most media reports would have you believe steroid users are predominantly young men suffering a “crisis of male ego” who are on a “deadly crusade to get ripped”. The focus tends to be on health harms and the danger associated with using these substances. After critically assessing the research in this field, we found people use steroids for a variety of reasons. And while steroid use does carry risks, not all users will develop personal problems or cause harm to others.

Men ignore serious health risks of steroid abuse in pursuit of the body beautiful

Many men continue to abuse steroids despite knowing that they have serious, life-limiting and potentially lethal side effects, according to findings to be presented in Lyon, at the European Society of Endocrinology annual meeting, ECE 2019. The study findings indicate that men using anabolic steroids to improve strength and physical performance are often aware of the side effects but choose to continue taking them.

Steroids for six-pack abs: A dangerous combo

When Angad (name changed) started his rigorous routine for a toned body,little did his parents know the changes in their son’s behaviour werenot part of a transition phase from adolescence to adulthood butsomething really serious. He was not a fitness freak but was crazy aboutthe six-pack abs. The urge for achieving it in a short span even ledhim to high dosages of anabolic steroid.

Game Of Thrones star and World's Strongest Man admits steroid use played part in dramatic transformation

Game Of Thrones star and reigning World's Strongest Man Hafthor Bjornsson has revealed his dramatic body transformation was aided by steroid use. Bjornsson, who plays the aptly named The Mountain in one of the most popular TV series' of all time, was once a skinny looking basketball player.

What are the uses and side effects of Primobolan?

Primobolan is a popular anabolic steroid which is also known as “Methenolone”. It can cause mild anabolic and androgenic effects. It is the most admired performance enhancing drug which can also be used by people suffering from liver toxicity or damage. Primobolan is one of the few anabolic steroids that causes near to zero risks of estrogenic side effects. It causes few side effects as compared to most anabolic steroids.

What Are Anabolic Steroids ?

Anabolic steroid is a familiar name that if the subject is testosterone. It have two main effects. These are anabolic and androgenic effects. Anabolic effects are about to increase skeleton muscle mass. Androgenic effects are different. Androgenic effects could effect sexual properties of man and woman. The proper name should be Anabolic-Androgenic steroids but anabolic steroids name is more popular so people called it like this

What is dianabol and what does it do?

Dianabol or commonly known as Dbol is a steroid, often associated withmuscle gain and strength building. At some point in life, all of usconsider regular workout and adopting healthy habits. But during thisprocess of muscle gain, sometimes it is hard to progress. There aretimes when one can easily lose hope and feels a demotivation. In allsuch times, certain workout aids help at best.

Anabolic Steroids: Dark Side Of Body Building

The use of anabolic steroids have become the master plan and irresistible pathway many body builders trade on just as it is abused by many to increase their physical strength, enlarge their muscles as well and arrive at their prefered body shapes.Many body builders may have gotten their muscles through strict regimen of weight-lifting and diet, others have gotten theirs through the illegal use steroid which they refer to as something inevitable in the world of body building.

New study on the impact of steroids on bone health in Duchenne

A new study has found that boys with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) on certain steroid regimes have a higher fracture risk than others. The research was carried out by Dr Shuko Joseph and Dr Jarod Wong from the University of Glasgow in collaboration with researchers at the John Walton Muscular Dystrophy Research Centre, Newcastle. It was funded by Muscular Dystrophy UK, Action Duchenne and the Scottish Government Chief Scientist Office.

Trenbolone Enanthate Market Rapid Growth: Industry Competition Outlook and Future Scope 2024

Trenbolone Enanthate Market report provides detail analysis on present competitive situation of Trenbolone Enanthate market dominated by top-line vendors, Trenbolone Enanthate market shares and developing growth rate. This report also covers modern developments, drivers, evolving opportunities and growth prospects by 2024.

Lanny Poffo On His Steroid Use During His Career

Lanny Poffo, better known to fans as Randy Savage’s brother and the manwho portrayed “The Genius” for the WWE, was recently interviewed by CBSas part of coverage for a documentary that he has worked on. During theinterview, he admitted his steroid use for a brief period of his careerwhile feuding with Hulk Hogan.

There's Evidence Coffee Acts on Your Brain Like Cannabis, But in Reverse

Coffee, the world's most common recreational drug, affects our metabolism far more deeply than we realised, according to a recent study. The results describe a number of knock-on effects that impact upon several important body systems, suggesting our daily coffee habit might have a complex range of benefits and risks to our health.

India’s Top Fitness Model Karan Oberoi Says No to Steroid Abuse

In the world of fitness modelling, Karan Oberoi is a name that is uttered quite often. As a Delhi lad who came from an academic family, becoming the face on the covers of highly popular and respected health magazines in the country was a far-fetched idea. Yet, that’s where his unlikely journey led him and today he is one of the topmost fitness models in the country.

Maltese endocrinologist obtains prestigious grant to develop new test to benefit patients on steroids

Miguel Debono, consultant in endocrinology and diabetes and honorary senior lecturer at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals and the University of Sheffield, has obtained a prestigious grant from the National Institute for Health Research to assess the use of a new test to identify patients who lack the ability to produce their own natural body steroids and suffer from a condition known as adrenal insufficiency (AI). The grant of up to a quarter of a million pounds (€290,000) will fund the study that aims to roll on the test onto the NHS within the next three years and implement its use as part of everyday clinical care throughout the UK. It is estimated that the test will save the NHS around £10 million (€11.6 m) every year.

1 Arrested With Foreign Currency, Steroids Worth Crores At Delhi Airport

The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence arrested a man with foreign currency and muscle-enhancing steroids worth over three crore rupees at Indira Gandhi International Airport, an official statement issued on Sunday said. Acting on a tip off, the DRI intercepted the accused on the intervening night of Friday and Saturday when he was going to board a Bangkok-bound Air India flight. DRI officers recovered foreign currencies, including the Euro and the British Pound, from his possession worth Rs. 1.28 crore, the statement said. The accused revealed that he worked for a syndicate involved in smuggling of anabolic steroids and the foreign currency he was carrying was for purchasing these, the probe agency said. In a follow-up search, officers seized many anabolic steroids worth more than Rs. 2 crore, it said. These steroids are used extensively by athletes and weightlifters in professional tournaments.

Lars Sullivan Said Bobby Lashley Is “Clearly A Steroid Abuser” In Message Board Rant

Lars Sullivan might not do much talking in NXT and it might be a good idea to keep the microphone away from him on the main roster as well. Because Sullivan might be a little uncontrollable when it comes to what comes out of his mouth, or at least his fingers. We previously reported how Sullivan posted some pretty awful things in a bodybuilding message board including a racist joke, a homophobic comment about NFL quarterback Philip Rivers, and also a dig at KFC and their food. But apparently. Sullivan even said that he’d be in Impact Wrestling a decade ago, but he also had something to say about Bobby Lashley as well.

Dominatrix grandmother who ran a Britain BDSM club found dead; inquest hears steroid use as factor in death

A hardcore dominatrix, who ran one of the best known BDSM clubs in Britain, was found dead in her own dungeon, an inquest into her death heard. The 56-year-old, Koulla Kakoulli, who was also known as Mistress Dometria, ran a private BDSM torture chamber that was meant for high paying clients. Kakoulli was also said to be the most brutal dominatrix in the world. The mother-of-five and grandmother-of-one also reportedly starred in hardcore fetish films and even regularly competed in international bodybuilding tournaments. She ran the exclusive club, called The Brighton Dungeon, on the south coast of the country, reported The Sun. Kakoulli's website, which was shut down shortly after she passed away in August this year, had the message that read: "It is not for the faint-hearted and portrays BDSM and fetishism at its most extreme".

Bodybuilding police officer sacked over steroid claims

A police officer suspected of using anabolic steroids to improve his physique has been sacked. PC Lewis Jackson refused to take a drugs test, insisting his newfound bulk was the result of hard training. A disciplinary hearing was told Facebook photos of the officer "seemed to indicate a disparity in his early and current physique". He was dismissed without notice after a Lincolnshire Police panel found him guilty of gross misconduct. Gainsborough-based Mr Jackson was investigated after a colleague reported suspicions to a chief inspector. Mr Jackson resigned on 9 October, the day after being asked to take a drugs test, the hearing was told. After refusing to give a sample, he was told declining the test would be treated the same as failing it.

How to Grow Muscle Using Supplements

No matter what people say, making the consumption of steroids is certainly beneficial for those who are associated with the field of sports and bodybuilding. With the use of steroidal supplements, it’s possible to obtain all of the physical attributes that an athlete and a bodybuilder crave for. That’s why they show a great eagerness to buy steroids. The demand for these supplements is high not only among sports personalities but also among those who are conscious regarding the appearance of their physique and physical fitness. However, in this article, every fact about steroidal supplements is discussed. This discussion will help all steroid users to explore some information that they should know.

Did you know? Anabolic steroids may raise risk of premature death in men

Men who use androgenic anabolic steroids such as testosterone may face a higher risk of early death, warns a new study. Mortality was three times higher amongst users of anabolic steroids - steroidal androgens that include natural ones like testosterone as well as synthetic - compared to non-users. The higher use was also associated with significant increase in hospital admissions as a result of high side effects including acne, gynaecomastia, and erectile dysfunction. Anabolic steroids are associated with a range of side effects that can be directly attributed to their pharmacological activities, according to lead author Henrik Horwitz, from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark.

Man tried to 'pass off' steroids as ecstasy at Kendal Calling, jury hears

This alleges possession of a controlled class C drug - the anabolic steroid, methandienone - with intent to supply. Obaid's trial began today at Carlisle Crown Court, where Joseph Dowsett told a jury he was employed as security staff member at the festival site near Penrith last year. At around 10.30pm on July 28, Mr Dowsett said he was approached by a man who asked: "Do you want to buy any pills?" After being allegedly offered "four for 30 quid", Mr Dowsett said he revealed he was a security employee. After calling for backup, he saw blue heart-shaped pills in the man's bag. Prosecutor Julian Goode said 213 tablets - unlawful to supply but not possess - were recovered from Obaid along with £265 cash.

Dianabol – Exposing the Side Effects

Men have been taking steroids for gaining muscle strength either for personal goals or for athletic purpose around the world. They tend to improve their physique and endurance through anabolic steroids which can support their exercise regime and help them retains more muscle mass rapidly. Dianabol is one of the most well-known steroids for this purpose which is available in pill form and injectable form as well. However, the pill form is more common worldwide as men took it for enhancing their performance in every way. Dianabol is a derived product from methandienone which has anabolic and androgenic effects on the body. Let’s find out why this steroid became so popular and then got blocked by the FDA for its illegal products.

Police seize £30,000 and steroids in raids across Hull

More than £30,000 and a significant amount of steroids were seized today in five separate warrants executed in Hull and East Yorkshire today. Officers raided properties on Williamson Street, Holderness Road, and Newland Avenue in Hull, Victoria Road in Beverley and Eastfield Road in Keyingham. The warrants were executed under the Misuse of Drugs Act following information gathered by Humberside Police. A spokesperson said that two men have been arrested for possession with intent to supply a controlled drug (steroids) are currently in custody.

Steroid-fueled argument lands personal trainer in jail

A dispute stemming from an argument over steroid use has landed a personal trainer in jail. A 32-year-old former competitive bodybuilder was sentenced in a Stratford courtroom to 45 days in jail after pleading guilty to assaulting his partner. Ontario Court Justice Kathryn McKerlie told the man being strong and physically fit does not entitle him to overpower another person. “Particularly someone who you describe as the love of your life,” she said. Court heard on June 30 a female complainant called police for help after being assaulted in her home. The woman told police the pair had argued over the man’s use of steroids and she went into the bedroom and locked the door, but the man broke through the door. The man grabbed her in a bear hug and threw her onto the bed, court heard.

What Are SARMs?

SARMS are the hot new thing on the sketchy supplement market. Chances are you probably saw one of those fitness youtubers talk about this in the last year or so. From what I’ve seen so far the videos come in either of the following three categories; 1. A consumer telling you their experience with SARMs, 2. A critic of unnatural athletes and hidden consumers, and 3. The know-it-all “expert” explaining the science behind the supplement. For the purpose of this article, I will be the know-it-all explainer. So let’s start from the bare basics, the name: Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. This means, unlike anabolic steroids, this targets your skeletal muscle specifically. “Wait..what, I don’t get it?” I am glad you are confused, because now I can do my magic and mansplain to you the difference ‘roids and SARMs.

PAC Says He’s ‘Steroid Free’ After Showing Off Insane Physique

Former WWE star Neville — once again known as PAC — is shutting down haters who accused him of being on steroids over the weekend. For those who missed it, PAC shared a picture showing how jacked he currently is and captioned the photo, “KISS MY MUSCULAR ARSE.” As you’d expect on Twitter, some questioned if he had used steroids to get that muscular. PAC responded to those people on Monday in legendary fashion saying: “I am a STEROID FREE SAVAGE! Fueled only by HATE AND VENGEANCE.” In case you missed it … the “King” recently wrestled against Flamita for Dragon Gate — his first singles match since returning to the ring. The match can be seen on their video service. Pac is also set to wrestle on December 4th for the Open The Dream Gate Championship.

New Billy Corben documentary 'Screwball' explores MLB's steroid years and Alex Rodriguez case

Billy Corben, the acclaimed documentary filmmaker behind "Cocaine Cowboys" and ESPN's 30 for 30 "The U," is back with a new film that combines his two most familiar subject matters: Drugs and sports. "Screwball," which focuses on baseball's Steroid Era, will have its premiere on Saturday at Doc NYC, a documentary festival. One of the centerpieces of Corben's new film is Alex Rodriguez, who has somehow managed to become popular since his retirement from baseball. According to For The Win, the documentary will look into A-Rod's PED saga, including what happened after the 2009 press conference in which he admitted to using PEDs. It also looks into Rodriguez trying to overturn his suspension, and the lengths he went to do it.

CCES hands Halifax steroid smuggler eight year ban at cycling race

Cycling’s newest doping violation comes from an unlikely source. Greg Doucette, who made headlines in 2012 when he was charged with smuggling illegal steroids into Canada, crossed paths with anti-doping officials in May, 2018. After his latest run-in, CCES announced the former weightlifter would be banned from sport for eight years as a result of refusing to submit a sample.While new to cycling, Doucette is most famous for his career as a professional powerlifter and his 2012 arrest for smuggling illegal steroids. Doucette won the heavyweight division at the 2012 Canadian National Bodybuilding Championships, earning him a prestigious Pro Card from the International Federation of Bodybuilders (IFBB).The achievement was short-lived. Just a week later, Doucette was charged on August 24, 2012. Officials found $250, 000 of performance-enhancing drugs and seized $23, 000 in case from his Halifax home. In 2014, Doucette paid $52,000 fine after being successfully charged with “possessing, smuggling, importing, trafficking and distributing anabolic steroids.”

Eleven arrested for smuggling, dealing illegal steroids

A police operation on Monday led to the arrest of 11 Greeks – 10 men and a woman – believed to be members of an international criminal racket dealing in anabolic steroids in Greece and other countries. Working together, officers of the Greek Police (ELAS) and the Financial Police conducted simultaneous raids in Attica, Crete and Epirus.

Drugs, rugby and a very Welsh problem: How steroids infected the game

A rugby player has described how he was encouraged by people in his club to take performance-enhancing drugs before getting an unprompted phone call from a supplier. Today we reveal the extent of the drugs problem in Welsh rugby. As part of our investigation, we have: Spoken to players, ex-players and coaches who've described just how big they believe Welsh rugby's drugs problem to be; Heard stories of players being warned to stay away, or leave, training sessions because the "red coats" (the name given by players to UKAD drug testers) are due; Heard Welsh rugby described as "infamous" for its doping problem by someone on the other side of the world; Heard the concerns of a cardiologist over the "growing epidemic of image- and performance-enhancing drug use" in south Wales. "I was told I had to put on weight and there were different methods that could help," says one currently banned Welsh rugby player, speaking on condition of anonymity. "I'd jumped from a low level and got offered [the chance] to play at a higher level but I wasn't really ready." Those "different methods" were performance-enhancing drugs. And the people pushing them were involved with the coaching setup at his club.

Spencer Matthews wants I’m A Celebrity return after steroid shame saw him axed after just three days

SPENCER Matthews is desperate to make a return to I'm A Celebrity after being kicked out for taking steroids. The reality TV star left the jungle after just three days claiming it was his decision to walk. But he's now revealed he was axed - and is full of regret over his actions. The 29-year-old has now told Closer Online he would "love" to get a second chance. Spencer said: "I was removed completely against my will and for that it’s annoying because I would loved to have done it. "It’s a bit of an ordeal now and a lot of people think I left on my own and that’s simply not true. I was fully taken out against my will."

Larry Wheels Clarifies Stance On Steroid Usage

Athletes rarely discuss their steroid routine because, well, they’re usually illegal, against the rules of their federation, or both. But now and then an athlete will, for whatever reason, openly discuss their clandestine performance-enhancing drug routine, and this week Larry “Wheels” Williams has posted his second ever video on the topic. The first time he publicly spoke about his steroid cycle he eventually took the video down from his YouTube channel, but he’s once again gone public. We’ve embedded the video below but note that the majority of it is spent discussing his childhood. After talking about his time in foster care he describes his time living in Saint Martin, where being a target of bullies led him to take up weight training to build confidence. Then he returned to the United States, picked up a recreational drug habit, and eventually the same friend who introduced him to drugs suggested he try anabolic steroids.

South African school rugby suffering rise in steroid use

Anti-doping chiefs in South Africa have expressed alarm at evidence that coaches and parents are complicit in what appears to be the growing use of anabolic steroids by schoolboy rugby players. Drug tests at this year’s Craven Week, South Africa’s annual festival for leading players aged 16 to 18, led to six positive findings for steroids. Each of the players had taken a cocktail of banned drugs and some of them had been injected by their parents. There is also evidence that drug-taking by boys hoping to make it as professionals begins when they are as young as 14.

'Mr Potato Chest' steroid dealer flees to Bali instead of facing justice over £2m drug racket

A man who made more than £200,000 from selling drugs fled to sun-soaked Bali rather than begin a two-and-a-half year jail sentence. Terence David Murrell had to be sentenced in his absence at Caernarfon crown court today, where the judge pointed out he was "living in the lap of luxury" abroad rather than turning up to face justice. Heavily-tattooed Murrell, who hit the headlines earlier this year when a mangled Google translation of a police wanted appeal described him as having 'potatoes on his chest', has been posting pictures from the Indian Ocean island for several weeks. He had pleaded guilty to possessing illegal drugs with intent to supply, and conspiracy to supply, when he appeared before a judge in March.

Alleged Bomb Threat Suspect Cesar Sayoc Was Aspiring Pro Wrestler Who Worked as Exotic Dancer, Bouncer

The man whom federal authorities have accused of mailing packages containing pipe bombs to critics of President Donald Trump was allegedly a steroid user who worked at nightclubs as a bouncer and strip dancer. Cesar Sayoc, 56, of Aventura, Florida, has been charged with five counts, including illegal mailing of explosives, after prominent Democrats, including former President Barack Obama, former Vice President Joe Biden and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, were sent crude pipe bombs in the mail. The bombs were mailed to states across the country, including New York, Delaware and California, as well as Washington, D.C., and targeted not only U.S. politicians but also billionaire George Soros and actor Robert De Niro, who has been an outspoken critic of the president.

Men taking steroids could LEAK breast milk, doctor warns

YOU'd think big muscles and washboard abs are what to expect if your man is into body building... but there's a little know (and bizzare) side effect. Some men who use steroids to grow their guns may start to produce breast milk. Yes, you read that right, your man might start lactating. Now you're probably thinking that's impossible, after all men don't even have boobs. But it turns out you don't need boobs to produce milk, it's all down to the hormones. When a man uses steroids he is essentially injecting a synthetic version of the male sex hormone testosterone into his body.

He was asleep in his car when Keys deputies woke him and found bags full of steroids

Florida Keys deputies said they found grocery bags full of steroids, syringes and almost $1,000 in cash inside a man’s car that they checked after receiving a complaint about someone trespassing at a Key Largo campground early Friday morning. Victor Hugo Calderon, 54, was arrested on a felony drug possession with intent to sell charge and a misdemeanor count of giving a false identification to a law enforcement officer. Monroe County Sheriff’s deputies found him sleeping in his Chevrolet Malibu inside Key Largo Kampground and Marina, at mile marker 103.6, around 2 a.m. Deputy Joel Torres knocked on the car’s window to wake Calderon. He asked him for his driver’s license. Calderon said he did not have it on him and told Torres his name was Victor Hugo Alvaro.

Steroids Use Growing in Iceland

A recent episode of news program Kveikur brought to light just how common steroid use is in Iceland, particularly among young men. Testosterone prescriptions have increased dramatically over the last decade, and are double the rate prescribed elsewhere in the Nordic region. Icelanders are also 50% more likely than individuals in other western nations to suffer from body dysmorphic disorder. Hafrún Kristjánsdóttir is a psychologist and sociologist, as well as former athlete, who researches the behaviour of young men and athletes. She says men get the message from a young age that it’s important to be big and strong. “You are a five-year-old boy and your heroes in life are Superman, Batman, and Hulk, and men like that, and they are all on steroids. If you look at them. They have a big six-pack and they are swollen. And it’s not uncommon to see little boys in playschool flex their muscles and when they draw themselves, they’re drawing a six pack.”

Anabolic steroids among €375,000 in illegal medicines seized

Illegal medicines worth €375,000 have been seized during an annual Garda and Customs operation this year. Almost 90,000 units of illegal prescription medicines, most of them sourced online, were seized during the operation, according to the State’s medicines watchdog. This is significantly down on the 200,000 units seized during the same operation last year, but up on the 60,000 detained in 2016, the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) said. The biggest seizures by volume were of anabolic steroids, which accounted for almost 30,000 units detained. Sedatives accounted for over 25,000 units in the haul, which was put on display in the HPRA’s headquarters in Dublin on Tuesday morning. Most of these drugs are imported by criminal gangs for resale on the street. The week-long Operation Pangea X, which is carried out with police and customs authorities across Europe each year, resulted in over 10.1 million illegal medicines and medical devices worth about $14 million (€12 million) being seized in the 61 countries involved.

Top 10 books about steroids

Astroturf is a novel – part black comedy, part literary thriller – in which much of the action takes place in the gym and on online bodybuilding and steroid forums. I know it sounds unlikely. But when I became acquainted with the subculture that gathers around those sites, it was clear to me that most of the materials needed to write about contemporary masculinity were focused there. There was an intensified sense of physical life and the possibility of transformation. There were highly charged relationships and codes of behaviour; there were specialised vocabularies concerning weightlifting technique and performance-enhancing drugs. There was the sense of online forums as spaces in which the performance of masculinity had to be constantly reiterated. And there was the dedication to pursuits that to an outsider seem crazy, pointless and excessive, yet have the utmost seriousness for those involved.

Conor McGregor Breaks Down Khabib Fight, Jon Jones Responds To Steroid Accusations, Anthony Smith

Anthony Smith has made himself into a contender in the UFC's light heavyweight division on the heels of victories over former champions Mauricio "Shogun" Rua and Rashad Evans this year. Saturday, Smith takes on former title challenger Volkan Oezdemir. A winner of 30 pro fights, Smith has finished both Rua and Evans inside of the first round and in just over two minutes of total fight time. The bout with Oezdemir on Saturday airs live on FOX Sports 1 from the Avenir Centre in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones believes that those doubting his skills and talents are sadly mistaken. Jones, who is set to return at the end of the year against Alexander Gustafsson, recently discussed his situation in an interview with the Jackson Wink MMA Academy.

Kai Greene Explained the Role of Steroids in the Sport

Kai Greene has always been more opened and communicative than many bodybuilders. Now when he decided to make a break in his career, Kai is ready to discuss lots of controversial or even scandalous topics connected with bodybuilding, his own personal experience, and career. While most sportsmen prefer to avoid the topic of steroids, Kai is ready to discuss it openly and to share his mind and knowledge about it. Greene is known for his flexible mind, so this time he didn’t explain his own position, telling he is for or against steroids or other drugs in the sport. However, he decided to educate sports fans a little bit about the issue.

The Truth behind Sarms

If you are one of the fans of the bodybuilding field or you are really found by the Crossfit life then you probably hear the term Sarms. It is of the revolutionary term that can change your perspectives toward the fitness lifestyles. Accordingly, you will be able to change your habits easily when you use such chemical substance in your routine life. However, you have to be careful and real more and more about the product before using it. This is due to its dangerous effects in the human health and body.

Paphos man arrested for possession of drugs, steroids, and firecrackers

Police in Paphos arrested a 46-year-old man early on Saturday in connection with possession of cocaine and steroids, as well as firecrackers. The man was arrested after a search of his residence between 2 am and 4 am during which officers found two small bottles containing what are believed to be steroids, €6,890 and £320 in cash, and 21 firecrackers. A search of the suspect’s two cars found 77 grammes of cocaine and a precision scale.

Tony Bellew: Billy Joe Saunders is no drugs cheat

Tony Bellew insists Billy Joe Saunders is not a drugs cheat and would never take a steroid and endanger another fighter’s life. Saunders is in the midst of a legal battle with the Massachusetts Athletic Commission after the governing body refused to grant him a boxing licence. The MAC’s decision was based on the fact Saunders tested positive for oxilofrine, a stimulant banned only in-competition in the UK, but sits on VADA’s prohibited list regardless of proximity to fight night. Saunders and his promoter Frank Warren are now seeking to clear Saunders’ name, and Bellew believes his fellow Brit is innocent of any wrong doing. ‘If you’re talking about fighters who have taken over-the-counter products like Billy Joe or Dillian Whyte, I’ve got an enormous amount of sympathy for them,’ Bellew told ESPN. ‘I don’t class Whyte as a steroid cheat because he drank a drink he got over the counter. If it’s proven that Saunders sniffed a nasal spray, I believe the person who gave it to him knew,” continued the scouse cruiserweight turned heavyweight.

Report: Dear USADA, does steroid use mean less injuries?

In the USADA ultimate fighting era, fight cancellations have become a somewhat regular occurrence. For many fans of cage fighting it has spoiled the fun of fighting as we can no longer get excited for match ups as it feels like they’re more likely going to be cancelled than actually happen. There’s so many variables to factor in when discussing why there has been such a sharp rise in pre-fight injuries that there’s less of a simple solution to be found but more of a diverse action required to fix multiple different issues within the sport of mixed martial arts. Many critics believe the biggest variable of pre-fight cancellations is that of a direct result of strict USADA testing which has stopped fighters from “Being able to juice.” Hence fighters being clean leads to a higher injury rate as their bodies are more physically fatigued & destroyed as they are without “Performance Enhancing Drugs”.

Officials alarmed by high-rate of steroid usage among schoolboy rugby players

Officials at the South African Institute for Drug-Free Sports (SAIDS) expressed their concern about six players testing positive for using anabolic steroids to improve their performance at the 2018 Craven Week. The rugby festival traditionally serves as an important platform for young stars to get noticed by academies. SAIDS said it was alarmed and somewhat shocked by the overall high-rate of steroid use by schoolboy level rugby players and how tolerant coaches and even parents were about the use of banned performance enhancing-substances. SAIDS CEO Khalid Galant together with representatives from the SAIDS Board presented its 2017/18 annual report to Parliament’s standing committee for sport earlier this week. gathered that the report includes an overview of its legislative mandate and strategic objectives, organisational performance and accomplishments, and financials as audited by the Auditor-General SA. reported that Galant said the number of anti-doping rule violations (ADRVs) at school level was shocking. The organisation said it completed a total of 122 tests at this year’s Craven Week of which six tested positive. This compares to the following results for previous years three in 2014, five in 2015, four in 2016 and three in 2017.

Sex pills, steroids, ecstasy, pot. York County man dealt all, plus had guns, cops say.

York County, SC: A York County man whom police said was dealing pounds of marijuana is facing several other charges after officers found a variety of drugs including steroids, sex pills and weapons in a raid, police said. Bartholomew Richard Smith Jr., 24, is charged with trafficking ecstasy after drug agents on Wednesday found about 1,000 doses of the drug at a home on Dakota Trail, north of Clover near the North Carolina state line, said Marvin Brown, commander of the York County Multijurisdictional Drug Enforcement Unit. Drug agents then found several other drugs and five guns, including a rifle, and charged Smith with six other felonies, police reports and records show. According to an incident report, police seized: 45 doses of steroids, more than 500 doses of generic Cialis and Viagra pills, 5.6 pounds of marijuana, hash oil, cocaine and amphetamines, and five guns.

What Is In Your Dietary Supplements? Study Reveals Unapproved Ingredients

What's in your wallet? Perhaps less money if you have bought a lot of dietary supplements. But do you know what's in your dietary supplements? If you think only natural ingredients, take a look at a study just published in JAMA Network Open. For the study, a team (Jenna Tucker, MPH, Tessa Fischer, DVM, MPH, Laurence Upjohn, PharmD, David Mazzera, PhD, and Madhur Kumar, MS, PhD) from the Food and Drug Branch of the California Department of Public Health searched through the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's (FDA's) Tainted Supplements database entries from 2007 through 2016. They eventually came up with a total of 776 adulterated dietary supplements, all of which included unapproved drug ingredients. But if you have taken these supplements, you may not have even known what you were really putting in your mouth since 97.6% of these pharmaceutical ingredients were not even listed on the products' labels.

KCSO deputy investigated after estranged wife accuses him of using steroids

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A KCSO deputy is being investigated after his estranged wife accused him of using steroids. According to court documents obtained by 23ABC, the property of a KCSO deputy was search after his estranged wife accused him of possessing and using anabolic steroids. The wife said that she had proof via a picture that reportedly showed 3 vials of steroids next to his KCSO badge. She also said that she has witnessed him using the drugs. According to the wife, the deputy had gained a lot of muscle mass over the past few months. She also said that he has started breaking out in face and body acne and became moody, which are unusual for him.

Eating 36 Eggs A day Is Better Than Steroids?

Yeah, you read that right. This notion of eating a ridiculous amount of eggs for better bodybuilding results comes from a recent-ish video who credits Vince Gironda as the source of this crazy nutrition and the claim that it’s better than steroids. I was a bit skeptical as to what degree is this an accurate quote. Did the late Vince Gironda really say that? Well, turns out he did…kinda. He stated that when it comes down to nutrition bodybuilders should consume up to 36 fertilized eggs per day and he compared its effect as to taking a cycle of Dianabol. My knowledge about the famous Vince Giroda before writing this was none existent. I had no clue who the guy was or what he did. However, I do think I can go out on a limb and assume that this was an exaggeration, at least to some degree. I seriously doubt that he was literal when comparing anabolic steroids to eating eggs. Now for the other part of this story, eating up to three and a half cartons worth of eggs. Eggs are an awesome source of nutrients.

Body builder spared jail for steroid supply

A Dublin body builder has been spared jail and a criminal record for supply of “a toxic brew of medications”. Hans Vogel, of Cameron Court, Cork Street, pleaded guilty to eight charges following a seizure of steroids at his home. Dublin district court was told that the raid followed an investigation by the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA), which had him on its “radar”. At a previous hearing Judge John Brennan told Vogel, a father of three, that he would give him a chance and ordered him to pay €1,000 in prosecution expenses. He said yesterday that the money had been paid and spared Vogel a conviction and sentence.

'zero gains' Urgent warning issued to young men over use of anabolic steroids causing ‘serious physical and psychological health issues’

HEALTH chiefs have issued an urgent warning about the dangers of anabolic steroid use today. The Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) this morning launched their ‘Zero Gains’ campaign aimed to inform young Irish men of the serious health complications posed by the products. The HPRA have advised that people should not use anabolic steroids unless prescribed for them by a doctor as misuse of these products can cause serious physical and psychological health issues. The potential physical effects include heart failure, liver issues, kidney damage, and infertility as well as acne and hair loss. The psychological and emotional impacts include mood swings and aggression or ‘roid rage’ leading to possible depression. According to the HPRA, one in ten adults would consider taking anabolic steroids with that stat rising to one in five between those aged between 18 and 34.

A former steroid user reveals the dark truth about performance enhancing drugs

When you think of steroids, you probably think of Lance Armstrong’s barefaced denials and impossible performances on a bike. Older generations might recall the 1988 Olympics and Ben Johnson’s bulging muscles as he surged past Carl Lewis to smash the 100m record. Both men would end up with their sporting reputations in tatters. Yet steroid use is no longer just the preserve of elite athletes or oversized bodybuilders. Steroids are increasingly being used by young men who are looking for a shortcut to a six-pack rather than chasing medals. In gyms across the country, steroids are now used in an effort to improve conditioning or to help young men to emulate the sculpted male bodies that are commonplace on shows like Love Island. That's despite the fact that steroids have been shown to cause heart attacks, liver issues, strokes, infertility, blood clots or kidney damage. So JOE sat down with a former steroid user to discuss the grim reality behind the headlines. Paul* was a 19-year-old college student when he first tried steroids. He was an active sportsperson but that wasn't his main reason for starting.

Bikini model to stand trial over steroids

An Instagram bikini model will stand trial in Melbourne over allegations she was part of a steroid trafficking ring between the Ukraine, China and Australia. Raquel Yasmine Petit, 25, is facing 47 charges including trafficking a commercial quantity of steroids, possessing $46,920 suspected of being proceeds of crime, and making and using false documents.

Large increase in illegal steroid seizures in 2017 in Ireland

The amount of illegal medicines seized by authorities increased by over 40 per cent in 2017, largely due to a massive rise in the number of steroids being imported into the country (Ireland). The Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA), which is responsible for enforcing laws and regulations relating to medicinal products, detained some 950,000 doses of counterfeit or illegal substances last year compared to 670,000 doses in 2016. Anabolic steroids, which are used to increase muscle mass, made up just under half of the seized medicines which were uncovered through both “ongoing surveillance and targeted intelligence-based operations”, the HPRA said in its annual report. It seized 450,000 doses of anabolic steroids in 2017, compared to just 109,000 in 2016. Illegally-sourced sedatives made up 23 per cent of the total seizures, while illegal erectile dysfunction drugs made up 13 per cent.

Researcher warns of spread of homemade steroids

A Clemson University researcher recently published insights into homemade steroids and steroid trafficking through a study of federal court cases. The research details why homemade steroids became popular and how online tools and cryptocurrency have allowed for their rapid spread. Bryan Denham, Campbell Professor of Sports Communication in Clemson's communication department, recently published the research in Contemporary Drug Problems. Considering the impact of these homemade drugs has been felt nationwide, Denham said it is imperative that athletes at all levels in every sport realize what they can easily get online may still be putting their athletics careers—and their lives—in jeopardy.

Bossier School Board member faces federal charges for alleged steroid distribution

A Bossier Parish School Board member and two others have been indicted on federal charges related to the unlawful distribution of anabolic steroids. Michael Mosura, the District 5 representative on the Bossier school board, was charged with one count of conspiracy related to the distribution of anabolic steroids from Jan. 1, 2016, through May 22, 2018. Two others, Brant L. Landry and Julie Landry, were also indicted on conspiracy and additional charges. Brant Landry faces charges of possession with intent to distribute anabolic steroids, the manufacturing of anabolic steroids and the possession of a firearm in relation to a drug trafficking offense, according to the indictment.

‘Toxic’ asthma steroids leave tens of thousands of sufferers facing nasty side-effects

THOUSANDS of asthma sufferers are living with the debilitating side effects of their medication, a patient charity has warned. According to research by Asthma UK, patients are having to live a series of issues, from weight gain to diabetes, cataracts and severe depression – all as a result of their oral steroids. Melanie Field is only 24 but she claims that her long-term steroid use has “aged her 30 years” and left her “trapped in the body of an old woman”. In a bid to treat her severe asthma attacks, Melanie’s medication has sent her weight double from 8 to 16 stone. She has cataracts that have left her unable to drive and osteoporosis which means that her spine is “crumbling” and she needs to use crutches – meaning that she’s had to give up her career as a carer as she needs carers herself. Melanie said that she “tried so hard to keep going” but doctors did nothing until her side-effects became “really bad”. Cases like Melanie’s have led the charity to call for more GPs to prescribe a new generation of drugs called monoclonal antibodies that have been shown to cut the number of asthma attacks by up to 50 per cent in some patients. Despite the fact that the drugs have already been approved for NHS use, many doctors still aren’t prescribing them, says Samantha Walker, director of research and policy at Asthma UK.

Steroid-using weightlifter's terrifying catalogue of violence towards two girlfriends

A weightlifter who took steroids repeatedly used “callous” violence towards two girlfriends – pulling their hair, spitting at them and strangling them until they lost consciousness. Garth Rees made one of the women believe he was going to kill her by holding her head towards a lit hob after telling her she was weak and slapping her. Sentencing him at Cardiff Crown Court , Judge Jeremy Jenkins said: “Your behaviour demonstrates that you are a man of ungovernable temper – a bully who picks on people physically weaker than yourself.” The court heard he met Bethan Thomas-Rowlands on Tinder in July last year. Janine Davies, prosecuting, said she initially found him “caring and friendly” but he became aggressive following an argument later that year. Prosecutors said Rees turned “threatening and violent” after they moved in together in December, telling Ms Thomas-Rowlands: “Look at the size of you. If I wanted to kill you or hurt you I would.” The court heard he made derogatory comments and called her a “slut”. Three months later she described him pulling her off a bed by her ankles, pulling her hair, spitting at her, and strangling her.

WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO: Footage captures bodybuilder pummeling girlfriend in 'roid rage' attack

A disturbing and graphic video appearing to show a hulking bodybuilder pummel his girlfriend surfaced Wednesday as the man remains jailed in Michigan after what attorneys are calling a “roid rage” attack. The footage, obtained by Fox2Detroit, shows 35-year-old Paul Bashi punching, kicking and throwing lit candles at 22-year-old Kristina Perry inside his rental home in Washington Township in late July. At one point in the video, his arm is covered in blood as he heaves a canister at Perry, who is pressed up against a wall and a couch.

URCC champ accuses Striegl of steroid use

URCC Featherweight champion Do Gyeom Lee and top contender Mark “Mugen” Striegl engaged in a heated confrontation after the former accused the later of taking performance-enhancing drugs ahead of their main event title bout on Saturday, at the Smart-Araneta Coliseum, in Cubao, Quezon City. “I really wanted to bring this up,” Lee said through a translator at the URCC Global: Colossal press conference in Annabel’s Tomas Morato. “I heard rumors saying that Mark “Mugen” Striegl is on steroids and I said earlier that I’m a sportsman so I’m asking Mark if he’s willing to shake hands after the fight and take the blood or whatever test for steroids.” The challenger seemed insulted by the South Korean’s allegation but he agreed to take a post-fight drug test anyway.

Three beverages pulled from shelves after tests show they contain steroids

Health Ministry officials have issued a warning against three juices produced by Sri Saga Marketing Sdh Bhd, telling consumers stop drinking them, and retailers to cease distributing. Jus Al Sunnah, Jus Al Sunnah Gold, and Jus Al-Sunnah Penawar were found to contain both dexamthasone and prednisolone, two steroids that are banned under the Food Act 1983. Authorities also discovered that Sri Saga Marketing, marked on the bottles’ labels as the drinks manufacturer, doesn’t actually exist, which turns out, is also a violation under the Food Act 1983. Those who continue to sell the drink, either in shops or online, are now punishable under the same act, for the distribution of poisonous, damaging and harmful substances, and can be prosecuted, warn officials. Wondering what kind of side effects will arise from the unsupervised imbibing of steroids? So were we. Turns out prolonged use can lead to muscle weakness, bone density loss, increased blood sugar, increased blood pressure, cataract, as well as an increase in the likelihood of infections. Those with diabetes (oh, about 12% of us) are at risk for even more serious complications, as the two compounds can lead to uncontrolled blood sugar levels.

Bodybuilder who spent £36,000 on steroid addiction put gym obsession before his own family

A fitness fanatic who spent £36,000 on his steroid addiction still believes he's too 'skinny' due to body dysmorphia. Jamie Diggory's habit is so severe that he confessed he would put it before his job, partner and even his children. But now he's bravely speaking out in a bid to help other people. The 35-year-old's obsession with his body began after he threw himself into fitness following a break up eight years ago. Since then he has been forking out a £600 a month on anabolic steroids, but claims that he is incapable at looking at his body without thinking he's 'fat' or 'too skinny'.

Pea Ridge Police Arrest Man Involved In Illegal Steroid Ring

A drug shipment from China gets intercepted by local police thanks to a tip from homeland security. The Pea Ridge Police Department arrested Travis McDaniel who had a package of illegal steroids in his house, his plan wasn't to sell them in Northwest Arkansas, but to ship them to other parts of the country. McDaniel first told police the package containing the steroids was not his because it was addressed to a different person, so he wrote return to sender on the box. Once police got a search warrant they opened the packages that were labeled as oatmeal and rice finding the steroids inside. That's when McDaniel came clean saying his cousin, Kyle Roop of Louisiana, was paying him for every package he was receiving and shipping somewhere else.

Pakistanis have soft bones for lack of exercise, use of steroids

KARACHI: Pakistanis have ‘very soft bones’ due to excessive use of steroids, lack of exercise and poor dietary habits, which is resulting in the destruction of their joints at an early age as compared to Americans or people living in other parts of the developed world, visiting orthopedic specialists from US hospitals told The News. “Bones of Pakistani people are very soft as compared to people in the United States and other developed countries and the main reason we have identified is the excessive use of steroids in Pakistan, lack of exercise and poor nutrition,” said Dr Junaid Makda from Advocate Condell Hospital, Chicago, who is heading a six-member team that is performing 65 hip and knee replacement surgeries at Indus Hospital Karachi. The six-member team comprises three orthopedic specialists, a physician assistant, a physiotherapist and a manager and they are from different US hospitals who have come to Indus Hospital for the second time to perform marathon surgeries and procedures to replace hips and knee joints of Pakistani patients whose bones and joints had decayed. US orthopedic specialists were surprised at the excessive use of steroids by Pakistani people for the pain management and were also shocked to learn that there was no control over the use of drugs and medicines in the country.

'I've never seen anything like that,' DeSoto steroid stash seized by narcotics agents

Working with the Department of Homeland Security Investigations Unit out of Shreveport, the DEA's Shreveport division, and the Tri-Parish Task Force, the DeSoto Parish Sheriff's Office discovered a steroids production lab in the parish. "Wow," said Chato Atkins when asked to describe his reaction to finding the lab. "I've never seen a lab, of that size and the steroids that he was producing, I've never seen anything like that in my 20 years of law enforcement." Atkins estimated the value of the equipment and drugs to be about $500,000. The investigation is still ongoing and they're not releasing all the names involved, but Kyle and Erica Roop have been arrested in the case.

Two Perth pharmacists lose bid to have case thrown out over supply of anabolic steroids

TWO Perth pharmacists facing allegations they engaged in professional misconduct when dispensing anabolic steroids, have had their application to strike out proceedings against them dismissed by the State Administrative Tribunal. On May 16, 2017 the Pharmacy Board of Australia filed applications against Felecia Hamilton and Chetan Hegde alleging the pair supplied steroids to customers in quantities that they should have known were not necessary for any therapeutic purpose, had the potential for misuse and were likely to constitute a health risk.

Steroids and prescription-only drugs being sold illegally at bodybuilding supplement shop have been seized

Steroids and prescription-only drugs which have been sold illegally at a shop in Taunton were seized in a police raid. Officers seized the Class C Substances from Triceps Supplement Shop, in East Reach, on Friday, September 14. PC Pierson, town centre beat manager, said: “Thanks to information from members of the local community we were able to gather evidence over the last couple of months that enabled us to execute this warrant with confidence and success. "A substantial amount of items were seized and taken out of circulation.

The College Culture of Anabolic Steroids and Performance Enhancing Drugs

The culture of substance abuse in U.S. colleges extends beyond drugs like marijuana or heroin and the use of anabolic steroids has become increasingly common. According to a study conducted by the University of Maryland College Park, anabolic steroids are substances chemically related to testosterone, a male hormone that helps muscle growth. There are over 100 different types of anabolic steroids, but only a few have been approved for human use. Some examples of steroids include testosterone, androstenedione, stanozolol, nandrolone and methandrostenolone. There are three common ways people take anabolic steroids. The first is called cycling, which involves using a steroid for a period of time, stopping to rest and then beginning again. Stacking is when multiple steroids are used simultaneously. Pyramiding consists of using one or more steroids at a low dosage then gradually increasing the amount used.

Glasgow university installs bins in toilets after 'illegal' steroid needles found in gym changing room

A Glasgow university has been forced to install bins in a gym toilet after 'illegal' steroid needles were found. The University of Glasgow erected a sign to remind users to put their needles in the new bins provided. Students caught using the anabolic injections have been told they will have their membership revoked.

USADA: Fabricio Werdum suspended two years for steroid

Former UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum has been suspended for two years. The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency on Tuesday announced Werdum’s punishment after an out-of-competition urine test conducted on April 25 revealed the steroid trenbolone and its metabolite epitrenbolone. Trenbolone, a steroid marketed for veterinary and clinical uses, is a non-specified substance in the class of anabolic agents and prohibited at all times under the UFC’s anti-doping program. Werdum (23-8-1 MMA, 11-5 UFC), who was set to face Aleksei Oleinik (56-11-1 MMA, 5-2 UFC) at UFC Fight Night 136, called his positive test “a misunderstanding” and said he was working with the UFC and USADA to find the source of the banned substance. A call to his manager, Ali Abdelaziz, wasn’t immediately returned. Werdum’s suspension is retroactive to May 22, the date he was flagged for a potential anti-doping violation. He will be eligible to fight on May 22, 2020. It’s a devastating setback for the 41-year-old Brazilian, who was knocked out in March by ex-Bellator champ Alexander Volkov.

Steep increase in Limerick steroid-users seeking needle exchange

INCREASED NUMBERS OF steroid-users are seeking out needle exchange services in Limerick, according to an addiction service which offers outreach support in the city and surrounding counties. The increase observed by Ana Liffey Drug Project Mid-West reflects a nationwide trend. A number of indicators point toward a rise in unregulated use of anabolic steroids across Ireland in recent years. “We’re definitely seeing more people – whether that’s because of better education and better engagement because of that, or whether it’s an increase in people using steroids I’m not sure,” Rachel O’Donoghue, team leader of ALDP Mid-West, said. The organisation, which has operated in Dublin since the early 80s, set up in Limerick six years ago. And while there had been a handful of steroid users who sought out the service for clean injecting equipment, there’s been a steep rise in demand over the last two to three years – particularly from a younger age group.

Bellator 207’s Blair Tugman Tests Positive for Steroid

According to a report by Jason Floyd of the MMA Report, Connecticut fighter Blair Tugman tested positive for an unspecified steroid. Tugman was scheduled to face Cage Titans veteran Peter Barrett at the upcoming Bellator 207. He faces a 12-month suspension and $1,200 fine. In a statement given to the MMA Report, Mohegan Tribe Department of Athletic Regulations Director, Association of Boxing Commissions and Combative Sports President Mike Mazzulli detailed the terms of the suspension. Mazulli explained that the Mohegan Tribe Department of Regulations holds the authority to conduct out-of-competition drug tests on athletes.

Nine years for prison officer for smuggling crack and heroin

A prison officer who was found smuggling crack cocaine, heroin and steroid tablets in fruit juice cartons has been jailed for nine years. Paul Heap, 43, was discovered carrying a bag containing two fruit juice cartons packed with drugs as he went into HMP Altcourse in Liverpool while on sick leave on June 28 last year. At his sentencing, Liverpool Crown Court heard that when his rucksack was searched officers found crack cocaine, heroin, cannabis and more than 2,000 steroid tablets as well as a mobile phone, charger and two sim cards. Police said the drugs had an estimated value of more than £215,000.

Investigation underway after soldier became 'violent', 'steroids' were found in room

An investigation is underway after suspected steroids were found in a soldier's room after he became violent, lashed out and was hospitalised. The incident occurred in a Dublin barracks. Military police conducted a search of his room and found an unidentified substance, before alerting gardaí. His firearm was later recovered from his room. The substance was sent for testing but gardaí believe they may be steroids, as well as legal health supplements.

Pumped for success at school sports: Teenagers at risk from muscle building steroids and supplements

When it comes to schoolboy sport, clinical psychologist Dr Eddie Murphy has met two types of parent: The ones whose son is sport- obsessed but he’s not going to make it— it’s too competitive. They ask Murphy if he can pull their boy back, get him to have a broader life perspective. And then there are other parents — who want to hire a sports psychologist for their “mad into the game” son, much as they’d get him a grind in maths. “They want to give him a mental health edge, a sporting edge,” says Murphy.

American long jumper Lawson tests positive for steroid

American long jumper Jarrion Lawson, who won silver at last year’s world championships, has been suspended after failing a doping test. The Athletics Integrity Unit, which handles doping issues in track and field, says Lawson tested positive for a metabolite of the banned anabolic steroid trenbolone. It didn’t say when the positive sample was taken. Lawson has been suspended until a full disciplinary hearing.

Knox County Mayor-elect Kane addresses recent steroid accusations

Run-ins in the political world sound way worst than the pro wrestling world. Scheduled to be sworn as Knox County Mayor this Friday, Kane (real name Glenn Jacobs) is now having to address steroids accusations levied at him by a Pennsylvania man. From a report this week by the Knoxville News Sentinel, the founder of Protect Our Youth from Steroids (POYS) Al Thompson wrote a letter to the Tennessee Attorney General and the Tennessee Bureau of Ethics and Finance then distributed it to local media regarding Kane.

Here is how anabolic steroids, supplements will harm you

The recognition of this fact creates distrust between athletes and doctors, which results in a pandora’s box-like situation. Living life, and a majority of it in weight training, trenches and dungeons like gyms, the subject of substance abuse or steroids, supplements and other performance-enhancing substances, is not something which I am naive to. Use of anabolic steroids and supplements are widespread. It was once confined to a group of highly competitive athletes but, unfortunately, it has slowly made its way into the lives of common people who have started using it to enhance their cosmetic appeal. The medical community, earlier, paid no heed to the recognition of these drugs coupled with intense exercise made one realise increased muscle size.

'Ugly duckling' turned topless waitress and her boyfriend have sentencing over elaborate steroid empire delayed

A couple who pleaded guilty to being part of a drug syndicate may have been lying when they said they had turned their lives around, according to a judge. Topless waitress Nateesha Barlin and her muscle-clad boyfriend Dylan Shaw were poised to escape prison time for their part in a 'criminal enterprise' importing illegal steroids and growth hormones from their Central Coast home. Judge Michael Bozic said in June he was satisfied both had showed remorse and was considering an intensive corrections order (ICO) for the pair rather than prison time.

Eczema cream 'robbed me of my twenties'

An eczema sufferer has revealed she was suicidal during her two-year battle to wean herself off powerful steroid creams. Steph Shaw, 28, from Hull, was left bedridden and jobless as she tried to overcome her addiction to the controversial medication. Miss Shaw has suffered with the common skin condition since she was a child - but it worsened when she turned 18 and robbed her of her twenties, she claims. Doctors prescribed her a cream to help but she believes it left her skin constantly itching and red raw, after she became addicted to it.

Anabolic steroids found during raid

A RAID was yesterday conducted on a private premises in the Brunei-Muara District suspected to be selling anabolic steroid products. According to the Ministry of Health (MoH), the raid was conducted by officers from the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF), Royal Customs and Excise Department as well as the Pharmaceutical Services Department of the MoH. Some of the anabolic steroid products found included Stallion Anabolic Equipose 300 containing Boldenore undecyienate in five vials; Stallion Anabolic Winstrol 100 containing Stanozolol in two vials; Stallion Anabolic Masterone 100 containing Drostanolone propionate in one vial; Stallion Anabolic Anavar 100 containing Oxandrolone in one vial; Stallion Anabolic Sustanon 300 containing Testosterone in one vial; Stallion Anabolic Enanthate 300 containing Testosterone enanthate in one vial and Stallion AnabolicCypionate 300 containing Testosterone cypionate in one vial.

Sex, Steroids, And Arnold: The Story Of The Gym That Shaped America

When did the modern-day fitness movement really begin in the U.S.? Maybe our infatuation with getting in shape can be traced to when President-elect John F. Kennedy published an article in Sports Illustrated titled “The Soft American,” urging “the United States to move forward with a national program to improve the fitness of all Americans.” Or perhaps in 1982, when Jane Fonda donned Spandex and leggings and released the first of her best-selling workout videos. Cynics might cite the first time athletes gobbled down blue Dianabol pills, the first “mainstream” steroid, back in the 1950s.

Warning issued after skin care products containing steroids and antibiotics seized in Canada

Unauthorised skin care products containing steroids and antibiotics have been seized by Health Canada, after they were spotted being sold direct to consumers. The Canadian regulator seized eight unauthorised lotions and creams from Ayotai Canada, which were labelled to contain clobetasol propionate and betamethasone dipropionate – both forms of highly potent topical corticosteroid. It later seized two other products from Elikya Canada and Abeit Distributions, labelled to contain betamethasone dipropionate and antibiotic Neomycin sulphate.

Trainee doctor, 23, who took steroids to boost weight-lifting fitness ahead of competition in Finland died of a heart attack

A medical student and weightlifter had a heart attack and died because he had been taking steroids, an inquest heard today. Adriano Villavicencio, 23, was found dead on his sofa bed in Bookham, Surrey, by his stepfather surrounded by needles and a pile of pharmaceuticals, including an anabolic steroid. He was training to be a doctor at Imperial College London when he died, and had been due to fly to Finland to compete in a weightlifting competition.

Derrick Lewis: I was given ‘some type of steroids’ for my back injury and USADA approved it

UFC heavyweight contender Derrick Lewis has been bothered by a nagging back injury for awhile now. It was the injury that forced him out of his scheduled UFC 216 fight against Fabricio Werdum in 2017, which he admitted left him “crying like a big-ass baby.” On Monday’s episode of The MMA Hour, “The Black Beast” went on to reveal that his recurring back issue has been solved by the new medication that was given to him. “Right now it’s going pretty good,” Lewis told Luke Thomas (via MMA Fighting). “The shots that I took, they said it should last like 10 to 12 months.” “It wasn’t stem cells or nothing like that. It was something — they shot me like 20 times in one spot, it was some type of steroids.”

Mum who quit steroid creams to treat psoriasis suffers skin burns so severe she looks like ‘acid attack victim’

A MUM-of-two was left looking like an “acid attack” victim after suffering agonising steroid cream withdrawals when she ditched her psoriasis treatment. Katy Jackson’s skin was angry, red and raw for four years after she stopped using steroid creams to treat her flaky skin condition.The 44-year-old was prescribed steroid creams to treat her psoriasis, a condition that causes a build-up of dry skin, 25 years ago. She applied creams sporadically in “small dabs” until 2014, when stress caused by her father needing a triple heart bypass caused a flare-up of her condition. Katy used the creams every day for three months but when she tried to stop her psoriasis would return twice as bad. She decided to go “cold turkey” after recognising her skin had become addicted to the treatment.

Jenrry Mejia works four scoreless innings in first appearance since 2015

A piece of news that has been lost in the New York Mets’ disastrous season is the fact that one time closer Jenrry Mejia was granted reinstatement after being banned for life for steroid use. Mejia is eligible to play in the big leagues again in 2019, so the Mets have been permitted to let him pitch in minor league games this year in order to get into shape for spring training. The first of those appearances came this week for the Mets’ Dominican Summer League affiliate, where Mejia worked four scoreless innings and struck out three, MetsMerized’s Michael Mayer reports.

Lyoto Machida Reacts to Gegard Mousasi’s Steroid Claims

Lyoto Machida reacts to claims of steroid use thrown his way by Gegard Mousasi. Machida is now a member of the Bellator roster. The former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight title holder made the move to fulfill a promise he made to Bellator president Scott Coker. “The Dragon” is currently weighing his options in regards to which division he will compete in.

Steroid Injection Market to Accumulate Commendable Revenues with Increasing Use of Steroids as Medication

The demand within the global market for steroid injection has gained momentum on account of the heavy incidence of chronic diseases whose treatment involves the use of steroids. Some of the common diseases and disorders that are treated or controlled by injecting steroids in the body are arthritis, inflammatory bowel diseases, joint paint, and sciatica. The main components of a steroid injection are numbing medicines and cortisone, and the mix of these components results in the formation of artificial hormones that are originally produced by the adrenal glands.

Colombian cyclist Fabián Puerta tests positive for steroid Boldenona

Colombian Fabián Puerta, keirin world champion and Fernando Gaviria‘s brother-in-law, has tested positive for steroid Boldenona. The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) listed Puerta as being provisionally suspended on Monday, in an update on its website. He failed the tests on June 11, during the national track championships in Cali. The anabolic steroid Boldenona brings an immediate suspension. Puerta is unable to compete until the governing body reviews the case.

Barry Bonds’ No. 25 Gets Retired, Reminding Us He’s Still a Cheater

Babe Ruth owned two entire decades. Ted Williams was on base 48.2 percent of the time while he played, the all-time record. Randy Johnson changed the way pitchers are built — plus, he made a bird explode. All of them are legends, but none were the scariest. Like him or not, Barry Bonds was the single most feared baseball player in the long and storied history of the game. No one can come up the plate with the bases loaded in the ninth inning, his team down two runs, and be intentionally walked except for Barry Lamar Bonds.

Mia St John’s sordid attempts to drag down the sport of boxing succeed only in shaming herself

St John was never very good, but we politely reported her wooden efforts, applauded her guts when under pressure and now we can pack her off forever. Mia St John once weighed-in for a fight wearing nothing but body paint, she fought with her face covered in hefty make-up, she slugged her way through 65 fights and now we know she used steroids on twenty or more occasions.

NJ doctors surrender licenses over steroids, opioids, sleep aids

An Asbury Park doctor who indiscriminately prescribed steroids to undercover investigators posing as bodybuilders can no longer practice medicine in New Jersey. Kevin Custis agreed to surrender his license to practice medicine and surgery, the state Attorney General's office said. "Physicians who indiscriminately prescribe dangerous drugs for profit are no better than street-corner drug dealers, and we will do everything we can to protect our communities from such danger," Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal said in a statement. Custis was one of several New Jersey doctors whose licenses were revoked by the state for prescribing drugs that, authorities said, could have endangered their patients' lives.

Oxnard police-involved shooting; steroid bust

Video released on Friday, Aug. 3, shows a violent altercation between an Oxnard police officer and a suspect during which an officer-involved shooting occurred. Oxnard Police Officer Daniel Oncea was on patrol around the Royal Duke Mobile Estates near North Rose Avenue in Oxnard when he saw Joel Tapia Jr. who had outstanding warrants. Video shows Oncea making contact with Tapia and attempting to place the suspect under arrest when a scuffle ensues. Oncea and Tapia end up on the street, wrestling for several minutes as onlookers watch. Oncea’s revolver becomes dislodged from his belt and the officer retrieves it, firing once, hitting Tapia in the arm.

OTC sale of hydroquinone-laced skin creams to be banned as DTAB clears proposal; doctors’ body seeks tougher steps

To curb the indiscriminate over-the-counter (OTC) sale of fairness creams containing hydroquinone, a bleaching agent, the Drugs Technical Advisory Board (DTAB), the country’s highest drug advisory body on technical matters, has cleared a proposal to amend an appended footnote to bring such products also under Schedule H of the Drugs and Cosmetics (D&C) Act.

Stockholm Laboratory suspended from carrying out specific steroid test by WADA

Stockholm's laboratory has been suspended from carrying out a specific test which can detect the presence of steroids after its procedure was ruled not to confirm with the international standard. A statement by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) made clear that the facility at Karolinska University Hospital in the Swedish capital will still be free to carry out its regular anti-doping activities.

Former British javelin champion Joanna Blair hit with four-year ban

Former British javelin champion Joanna Blair has been suspended from all sport for four years following a positive test for steroids in 2017, UK Anti-Doping said Friday. Blair tested positive for a metabolite of the steroid metandienone after an out-of-competition test while in France for the European Team Championships in June 2017, after which she was provisionally suspended.

Steroid bust in Ventura nets guns, pills, cash

A Ventura man who allegedly sold illegal steroids had multiple guns, including an assault-style rifle and high-capacity magazines, a large stash of cash and 1,600 illegal pills on hand, authorities allege.

Jeffrey Aronson: When I use a word . . . Sterols and steroids

One might expect that if the definition of a technical term requires the use of other technical terms, the latter should have been in existence before the former, the definiendum (the term to be defined), came into existence itself. Things are not that simple, however.

Former WWE Superstar Mark Jindrak Calls Out Triple H With Controversial Tweet

Former WWE Superstar Mark Jindrak took to Twitter earlier this week to question the legitimacy of Triple H's current physique.

Steroids Linked to Post-op Complications in UC Patients

The use of steroids before surgery for ulcerative colitis is associated with greater risk for postoperative sepsis and clotting, researchers in Canada have found. Although increased infection control measures and anticoagulation prophylaxis may reduce these adverse events, the researchers recommend using two-step procedures in this patient population.

Life on steroids: 'It's my personal choice'

It's the first of its kind in the UK, where doctors and nurses carry out blood and heart-function tests on users, while also giving advice about the substances they use. Stewart came to the clinic because he had issues with his feet. He was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. He was very open about the drugs he was taking: "I take two injections at least, a week, each will have 500mg testosterone and 220mg trenbolone." He sometimes takes a third injection. Stewart's been taking these doses for two to three years.

Duncan Weir recalls infection that ‘wasted lower half of body’

Duncan Weir has lifted the lid on his injury woes last season, stating he could “hardly get out of bed” after a bacterial infection from a steroid injection “wasted away the lower half of his body”.

Vernon man admits to operating steroid production facility

A Vernon man, currently on parole out of Kentucky after serving three years of a 20-year sentence for trafficking heroin and methamphetamines, admitted Monday that he illegally operated an anabolic steroid production facility out of his Vernon home.

Inside Britain's Anabolic Steroid Epidemic

More and more men are abusing steroids in the pursuit of the perfect physique - only to find their bodies and minds unravelling. At his most powerful, Alec Wilson’s biceps measured a foot-and-a-half around, and his quads were each three hands wide. On a good day he could deadlift 212kg, the equivalent of a lion, and bench press 158kg, not far off twice his own weight. In the moments before he heaved an almighty load, he would summon a rough growl up from his stomach and out of his throat, shocking his body into the production of adrenaline. Other men knew when he’d arrived at the gym. They could hear him roar.

Police bust illegal steroid traffickers

Two men have been detained on suspicion of producing and trafficking illegal steroids, Polish police said on Thursday. Two production lines and enough ingredients to produce 2.5 million anabolic steroid pills were seized along with 150,000 pills that were already made, police spokesman Paweł Żukiewicz said.

Health, fitness and steroid abuse

ONE of the most striking aspects I’ve noticed about working with teenagers in schools over the last 18 years is the sheer level of determination and commitment to self-improvement. When I was growing up as a teenager in the ’90s I never heard of abs or obliques. I never had a conversation about macros and micros. Intermittent fasting was what we did between meals, it certainly wasn’t by design.

Paulo Costa takes surfer Kelly Slater to task for steroid allegations: ‘My conscience is clear’

Surfing legend Kelly Slater recently accused UFC middleweight Paulo Costa of steroid use, and Costa isn’t taking the accusations lightly. Another day, another steroid allegation for Paulo Costa. The hulking UFC middleweight is no stranger to these sorts of questions about himself, considering his size and success. He says he has faced this ever since he got to the UFC. But strangely, the person that got him to speak out about it was a surfer - a surfing legend in fact - Kelly Slater.

Gyms in Hull 'flooded' with steroids as men risk heart attacks and reduced sperm count for perfect t-shirt body

Gyms across East Yorkshire have become "flooded" with anabolic steroids, as rising numbers of young men risk serious harm in the pursuit of a 'perfect' body, it is claimed. Anabolic steroids - Class C-controlled drugs under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 - are synthetic substances designed to increase muscle mass and cut fat, making them tempting to those seeking to achieve Adonis-style phsiques.

Pro Bodybuilder Don Long Sentenced To Prison for Conspiracy to Illegally Distribute Anabolic Steroids

U.S. District Judge Brian J. Davis has sentenced IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Don Long, 51, of Jacksonville, to 18 months in federal prison for conspiracy to illegally distribute anabolic steroids. Judge Davis also sentenced Long’s steroid supply source, Gregory Allen Baker, 30, of Jacksonville, to 3 years in federal prison for the same offense and for money laundering.

Schoolboy player banned for steroid use

A former college rugby player has been banned from the game for four years, after admitting a breach of NZ Rugby's anti-doping policy while still at school.

Miami's Latest $10 Million Drug Bust Shows Florida Still Loves Steroids

Richard Rodriguez checked the $97,000 Rolex on his wrist again. A crowd milled outside the gate at Miami International Airport, waiting for boarding that was supposed to have begun five minutes ago for an early-morning flight to L.A. What was the holdup? The 37-year-old gym rat with a razored scalp and trimmed goatee fought off a rising panic.

Scarlett Johansson movie hits on 1970s Steelers, steroid ring

A new Scarlett Johansson movie has roots in Pittsburgh and ties to the Steelers. She's playing Dante "Tex" Gill, a notorious Pittsburgh figure from the 1970s who was renowned for running a ring of massage parlors that were thinly veiled fronts for prostitution.

Jacksonville bodybuilder sentenced to prison for steroid distribution

A 51-year-old professional Jacksonville bodybuilder was sentenced to a year and a half in prison Monday for conspiracy to illegally distribute anabolic steroids, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Four New Zealand rugby players banned after investigation into anti-doping offences

The New Zealand Rugby Judicial Committee has announced the suspensions of four players in regards to anti-doping offences. Zoe Berry, Rhys Pedersen and Glen Robertson have been banned from playing rugby for the possession and, in some cases, use or attempted use of Clenbuterol, while Ben Qauqau-Dodds has been banned for the possession and use or attempted use of Metandienone.


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