Spironothiaz — spironolactone / hydrochlorthiazide

Spironothiazide is a diuretic. it is a combination of a potassium sparing diuretic, spironolactone (see also aldactone) and a thiazide. Thiazides, from their type, are similar to loop diuretics (see also Lasix). The main difference from loop diuretics is that thiazides lead to a lower release of calcium and have a less pronounced and less drastic dehydrating effect.

Brand name Aldactazide, Aldactide, Aldactine, Aldoleo, Risicordin, Spironazide, Spirono/Thiazide Generic, Spironothiazid, Spironothiazide, Spirozide

Spironothiazide combines an aldosterone antagonist (see also Aldactone) with the stronger thiazid diuretic, making it a favorite and effective remedy for many competing body-builders to reduce excessive water. The advantage of this combina-tion, on the one hand, is that potassium reabsorption by the spironolactone can be compensated by the thiazide. This usually leads to a suspension of the potassium-linked side effects. On the other hand, a good overall effect can also be obtained at lower dosages. Thus many use it as an alternative to the stronger and higher risk furosemides (Lasix). Spironothiazide is usually taken by athletes during the last days before a competition. Generally a dosage of 2-3 tablets of 50 mg per day is taken and divided into 2-3 indi-vidual doses. The side effects are mostly caused by the expected imbalances in the fluids and electrolytes. These can manifest them-selves in muscle cramps, irregular pulse rate (especially at an increased potassium level) and dizziness. In men, due to the antiandrogenic characteristics of spironolactone, gynecomastia and impotence are also possible but unlikely due to the short intake (see also Aldactone). As a preventive measure, the additional adminis-tration of potassium should be avoided and the period of intake should be as short as possible. Spironothiazide must be prescribed and is usually difficult to find on the black market since most athletes get prescriptions from their physicians. Fifty tablets of 50/50 mg cost approximately $40 on the black market.


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