'zero gains' Urgent warning issued to young men over use of anabolic steroids causing ‘serious physical and psychological health issues’

Oct 08, 2018

HEALTH chiefs have issued an urgent warning about the dangers of anabolic steroid use today. The Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) this morning launched their ‘Zero Gains’ campaign aimed to inform young Irish men of the serious health complications posed by the products. The HPRA have advised that people should not use anabolic steroids unless prescribed for them by a doctor as misuse of these products can cause serious physical and psychological health issues. The potential physical effects include heart failure, liver issues, kidney damage, and infertility as well as acne and hair loss. The psychological and emotional impacts include mood swings and aggression or ‘roid rage’ leading to possible depression. According to the HPRA, one in ten adults would consider taking anabolic steroids with that stat rising to one in five between those aged between 18 and 34.

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