Steroid-using weightlifter's terrifying catalogue of violence towards two girlfriends

Sep 28, 2018

A weightlifter who took steroids repeatedly used “callous” violence towards two girlfriends – pulling their hair, spitting at them and strangling them until they lost consciousness. Garth Rees made one of the women believe he was going to kill her by holding her head towards a lit hob after telling her she was weak and slapping her. Sentencing him at Cardiff Crown Court , Judge Jeremy Jenkins said: “Your behaviour demonstrates that you are a man of ungovernable temper – a bully who picks on people physically weaker than yourself.” The court heard he met Bethan Thomas-Rowlands on Tinder in July last year. Janine Davies, prosecuting, said she initially found him “caring and friendly” but he became aggressive following an argument later that year. Prosecutors said Rees turned “threatening and violent” after they moved in together in December, telling Ms Thomas-Rowlands: “Look at the size of you. If I wanted to kill you or hurt you I would.” The court heard he made derogatory comments and called her a “slut”. Three months later she described him pulling her off a bed by her ankles, pulling her hair, spitting at her, and strangling her.


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