Sex pills, steroids, ecstasy, pot. York County man dealt all, plus had guns, cops say.

York County, SC: A York County man whom police said was dealing pounds of marijuana is facing several other charges after officers found a variety of drugs including steroids, sex pills and weapons in a raid, police said. Bartholomew Richard Smith Jr., 24, is charged with trafficking ecstasy after drug agents on Wednesday found about 1,000 doses of the drug at a home on Dakota Trail, north of Clover near the North Carolina state line, said Marvin Brown, commander of the York County Multijurisdictional Drug Enforcement Unit. Drug agents then found several other drugs and five guns, including a rifle, and charged Smith with six other felonies, police reports and records show. According to an incident report, police seized: 45 doses of steroids, more than 500 doses of generic Cialis and Viagra pills, 5.6 pounds of marijuana, hash oil, cocaine and amphetamines, and five guns.

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