Report: Dear USADA, does steroid use mean less injuries?

Oct 15, 2018

In the USADA ultimate fighting era, fight cancellations have become a somewhat regular occurrence. For many fans of cage fighting it has spoiled the fun of fighting as we can no longer get excited for match ups as it feels like they’re more likely going to be cancelled than actually happen. There’s so many variables to factor in when discussing why there has been such a sharp rise in pre-fight injuries that there’s less of a simple solution to be found but more of a diverse action required to fix multiple different issues within the sport of mixed martial arts. Many critics believe the biggest variable of pre-fight cancellations is that of a direct result of strict USADA testing which has stopped fighters from “Being able to juice.” Hence fighters being clean leads to a higher injury rate as their bodies are more physically fatigued & destroyed as they are without “Performance Enhancing Drugs”.


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