May 25, 2020


People who like workouts and supplements are probably familiar with peptides by now. In the search for supplements which bring a lot of benefits, but smartly avoid many side effects, peptides appeared on the market as one of the solutions. These substances consist of amino acids, and they are fairly similar to protein, however, they bring fewer side effects than protein-based supplements. Another important benefit of this synthetic supplement is the fact that they can offer a whole range of choices. Peptides are not used exclusively by athletes, but also by people who are not at all into sports. Peptides can bring many benefits, apart from performance enhancing and improving body shape. They can eliminate wrinkles, improve skin quality, boost immune system, regulate sleeping pattern or blood pressure, and have a positive impact in general on all aspects of our life. One of the popular peptides is Pt-141, which is mostly used for treating sexual dysfunction. Let’s now see why this peptide became so popular.

What is pt-141?

Pt-141 is a peptide frequently known under the name Bremelanotide. It is derived from Melanotan 2 which is a synthetic substance used for skin tanning and treating sexual dysfunction. In the initial phases of testing Melanotan 2, erection in men appeared as a side effect of this substance. Since the same symptom was present in the wide majority of the tested subjects, sexual arousal was determined to be one of the frequent effects of this drug and not an exception or side effect. Erections were caused by Melanotan 2 which affected the nervous system, causing arousal in the brain. Bremelanotide pt-141 was also initially created to activate tanning process. Once its capabilities to improve libido levels in women and erections in men were discovered, improving sexual arousal became its main use case. This supplement is a non-selective agonist which activates cellular receptors. However, it doesn’t belong to PDE5 inhibitors like Viagra, Levitra, Stendra and Cialis. This means that pt-141 doesn’t target vascular system like PDE5 inhibitors, but our nervous system. It triggers neurons and hypothalamus to feel sexual arousal which in turn causes the physical manifestation.

It's quite interesting that after passing the initial tests on rats, Melanotan 2, a predecessor of pt-141, was tested by Mac Hadley, a biochemist and honored scientist. He volunteered to be a guinea pig and tested the substance on himself. He used double dosage of the early version of the substance. This lead to side effects such as nausea and vomiting. However, it also provoked an erection which lasted for approximately 8 hours. Mac Hadley explained that the erection couldn’t be subdued in any way. He recollected saying to his wife that they will be rich, after discovering a great potency of this peptide. After the initial experiments different version were developed. Clinical research on Melanotan 2 was stopped because of the side effects it was causing. However, Bremelanotide PT 141 remained in use with quite similar effects on our brain.

Dosing pt-141

This peptide comes in various forms: pills, injections, nasal spray and cream. However, only injections are considered effective. Therefore, if you decide to try this substance, you can administer it by injecting it into lower abdomen or thigh. When it comes to dosing this substance, bear in mind that different organisms will require different amounts. In general, 2-milligram dose is suitable for both- men and women. However, since this substance is not strictly controlled by the FDA, always read the label before using it. Because there are many variations of this peptide, some versions can be more potent and cause side effects if taken in greater dosages. When it comes to timing, you should inject pt-141 approximately 1 hour before sexual intercourse. If you are a first-time user, it is suggested that you test your body’s response to this drug. Instead of taking 2 milligrams at once, you can take 1 milligram, wait 20-30 minutes, and then take 1 more if you feel ok. Also bear in mind that while some people will see results of this peptide in a couple of minutes, it will take a couple of hours for some to see the effects. After taking the dosage, you should refrain from taking it again in the next 72 hours, because this is how long this drug remains in our organism. If you are having any doubts and concerns, the best option is to talk to you doctor. He will be able to determine the best dosage and cycle in your individual case.

Side Effects of Pt-141

Side effects of pt-141 are usually short-term. If you experience any side effects, stop using it immediately and ask your doctor for a substitute therapy. Some of the side effects are digestive issues, nausea and vomiting. You can also experience headaches, shortness of breath, respiratory infections and pain around the injection site.


Peptides opened a whole new world of tailor-made supplements which can improve different spheres of our everyday life. Some of the most popular peptides are created for the purpose of improving sex life, combating sexual dysfunctions, and enhancing libido. Pt-141 is a very effective compound which can help us overcome sexual dysfunction on the neurological level. Patients’ experience with this drug is quite positive. However, it is important to talk to your doctor before opting to use this substance, and to adjust the dosage to your particular needs.

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