Apr 13, 2020


Anabolic steroids have many advantages when it comes to shaping the body, losing weight and improving strength and confidence in the gym. Many people who have been using them for some time and observed extraordinary effects, would probably argue that they are irreplaceable. However, due to the widespread use, interest and fascination with steroids, different substances appeared on the market imitating the effects of steroids, but with the aim to eliminate or decrease the side effects associated with anabolics. Another issue which steroids have is the issue of legality. While anabolics are sometimes prescribed as a treatment for hypogonadism or muscle wasting diseases, they are illegal for the purposes they are most commonly used- as a training boosters. This is why many athletes saw the appearance of prohormones on the market as a solution to their problems.

What are Prohormones?

Prohormones are a chemical substance similar to anabolic steroids in effects, but molecularly different. It is like anabolic steroids and testosterone booster mixed in one substance. They imitate testosterone and estrogens in our organism. Prohormones are processed in the liver and the product is the hormone that will be used by our body for boosting muscles, burning fat and enhancing our capacity to train hard. So, the main difference between prohormones and anabolics is in the way in which steroid hormones get into our organism. Prohormones are like activators, they end up in the liver where they are processed, and only then product of this operation is the hormone which is boosting our abilities. On the other hand, anabolic steroids are taken and consumed as they are. There is no processing them, our organism just absorbs the whole package, and the product we take is the product our body will use for boosting our muscles. People who prefer prohormones, emphasize the vast number of possibilities with them. When compared to anabolics prohormones are more tailor-made, while anabolics are like a package deal. Prohormones are the material you provide your organism in order to give you the product that you prefer. There is a wide variety of prohormones on the market designed for specific purposes. You are able to choose between the prohormones which lead to the effect of muscle boosting, giving you more endurance in the gym, or for burning fat while creating the lean muscles. The possibilities seem endless.

How are Prohormones Used?

Prohormones are like a mixture of different types of steroids. This is why they can cause different simultaneous effects. For example, you can gain muscles while at the same time losing fat. Their results are often short-term, but very effective. They can lead to drastic changes of your body for the better, and give your trainings a completely new dimension.

They are used orally, usually once a day. People who like taking testosterone booster, will frequently use prohormones as a substitute. They have the ability to push both- testosterone and estrogen through different biochemical reactions.

On top of enhancing the performance and building muscles, they lead to significant increase in libido and the overall feeling of confidence.

However, similarly to steroids, they cannot do work on their own. They can just help your everyday routine and improve the results you get from it. Taking prohormones won’t make you a Johnny Bravo on its own. You need to make sure that you are eating healthy, consume a lot of lean meat, train regularly and avoid alcohol in order to see the full potential of this compound. They are also frequently used in cycles, but they don’t require a rigorous post-cycle therapy. It is also worth mentioning that prohormones are by no means cheap. If you are not serious about training regularly and leading a healthy life, buying them will a very bad investment. Once you decide to start with the cycles, you should plan your budget to buy sufficient quantities. If you stop using them abruptly because your financial resources are exhausted, the short-term effects can be quickly annulled.

Side Effects

By now prohormones seem like a flawless substance. Unfortunately, this is not the case as they too can bring many side effects on your body and organism. The general view is that prohormones have milder side effects on the body as they are processed internally and not taken pre-packed. However, the jury is still out on this view as more research is needed for the results to be conclusive. Some studies disagree and argue that side effects are more severe and long-lasting than with steroids, especially because they bring the change to your body overnight.

Some of the side effects are appearance of acne, mood swings, depression, anxiety, severe headaches, loss of sexual drive, lack of confidence, decreasing natural testosterone production level, baldness, shrinking testicles. Additionally, they can lead to the development of notorious condition called gynecomastia. This means developing female breast tissue, which is the consequence of disrupting the balance between estrogen and testosterone in men. If the condition is not controlled and prohormones consumptions continues, it can become irreversible and removable only by doing surgery. Also, it can lead to the development of some more serious diseases such as liver damage, increased cholesterol, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Legality of Prohormones

One of the most important advantages of prohormones is the fact that many of them are legal. While this may sound unexpected, because they are defined as supplements, they don’t undergo rigorous checks by FDA which is why they are not on the list of illegal substances. So, if you are travelling or expect that for any reason you would need to go through any kind of search, it is a good idea to opt to carry legal prohormones instead of illegal steroids. You can carry anabolics only with the prescription from your doctor stating that you actually need them.

Best Prohormone

There are many varieties of prohormones. However, the best ones are those which have significant effects on shaping the body, fewer side effects, and which are legal to buy and carry around.

Some of the top ones on the market are: Epistane, DMZ prohormone, 1 Andro, 4-Androsterone and 19-Nor-Andro. We will take a look at the first two, as they are probably the most popular and accessible on the market.


Epistane is derived from the substance called Epitiostanol. It is taken by mouth and typically consumed in cycles. It has similar effects to anabolic steroids, but it also has the ability to limit estrogen levels while at the same time it maintains its androgenic and anabolic effect. This is why Epistane is preferred by men, as it emphasizes masculine features and suppresses the feminine ones. This leads to having fewer side effects, one of them being gynecomastia. It contributes significantly to building muscles and prevents fat accumulation. This doesn’t mean that the prohormone comes without any side effects. You can still develop prostatic hyperplasia, joint pains, the feeling of exhaustion and discomfort. As prohormones are processed by liver, if you opt for using it for a longer periods of time you should check your liver activity regularly to avoid the development of a disease.

DMZ Prohormone

This is one of the newest prohormones on the market which gained popularity very quickly due to its extraordinary effects on the body and fewer side effects. It is created using Azine Bond Technology in 2009 and was known as Dymethazine. The supplement causes minimum or no estrogenic increase in the organism. DMZ users reported extraordinary increase in size, gaining lean muscle mass and vascularity of the muscles during a very short period of time. It can be used alone in cycles or stacked with other complementary steroids. It is one of the most effective substances when it comes to both- bulking and cutting periods. Also, the users reported an increase in sex drive and overall confidence. Although the extent of side effects is considerably decreased when using this prohormones, the most common ones are hair loss and liver toxicity. This is why it is highly advisable to use on-cycle support supplement which would protect your liver, prostate and lipid profiles, and at the same time regulate your blood pressure and hormonal balance in your organism. You would also need post-cycle therapy when you stop using this prohormone which should last for a few weeks. Post-cycle therapy will ensure that your hormonal levels are back to normal.


Prohormones are yet another improvement of the original anabolic steroids. They have quite similar effects when it comes to gaining muscles and size, burning fat, improving strength and confidence in the gym. The main difference is the fact that prohormones are the material which is intended to be processed in our liver and then used by our organism. This feature prevents many side effects frequent when taking pre-packed, unprocessed and unchangeable steroids. However, in order to protect liver and other organs from being damaged in the process, when using prohormones, you should always prepare good on-cycle and post-cycle therapy.

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