May 09, 2020

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For decades now, athletes and bodybuilders have been trying to up their game at the gym and have greater muscles and better body shape. Regular training can definitely keep us fit and make us stronger and in better shape, but only to a certain point. Healthy lifestyle and diet will also contribute to the general feeling of wellbeing and give us the stamina to endure high-intensity workouts. However, those who really want to push their limits to the maximum, frequently opt to take supplements, hormones and other natural or synthetic substances which can help them accomplish their goal. Apart from many popular supplements such as steroids and SARMs, there are other options which can give you the necessary push while avoiding many side effects. An example of such substances would be peptides. They can give you significant results together with training, but they can also be beneficial for your body and organism in other regards. Let’s find out more about them.

What are Peptides?

Peptides are substances made up of amino acids. They can contain up to 50 amino acids. Since amino acids also exist in proteins but in greater quantities, they are sometimes mixed with them. Peptides can offer great benefits to our health and training routine. Because they are milder than protein they are more easily broken down in our organism and absorbed more quickly. At the same time, they have fewer side effects than supplements based on protein. Bear in mind that not all peptides are the same. The sequence of the amino acids within the chain is what defines their features and the effects these substances will have. Depending on the type of a peptide, they can have anti-inflammatory or anti-aging effect, they can contribute to building muscles and improve our performance at the gym, or eliminate wrinkles and enhance the quality of our skin. Knowing this, it becomes obvious why these powerful substances found its use among athletes, but also among the general population, especially women. On top of this, bioactive peptides can be very beneficial for our health because they have the ability to regulate blood pressure, eliminate microbes, enhance our immune response, and prevent the creation of blood cloths.

Types of Peptides

Just as protein, peptides can be found in the natural products such as food and drinks, or be bought in the synthetic pre-made form. This substance can be found in animal meat or in vegetables. Some of the natural sources are meat, fish, eggs, milk, soy, wheat, oats and beans.

On the other hand, the most popular man-made supplements containing peptides are collagen peptides and creatine peptides.

Collagen peptides are familiar to all of us from the labels of many beauty products such as face creams and masks. Collagen is the protein which already exists in our hair, skin and nails. Peptides of this kind are simply collagen proteins broken down, which makes it easier for our body to absorb them. This substance is so omnipresent in beauty products because it can improve the quality of the skin, eliminate wrinkles, and give skin firmness and hydration it needs. It can also protect our skin from negative outside influences such as sun and wind. Collagen can also contribute to a quicker wound healing process by eliminating inflammation, and playing a role of antioxidant. There are also some suggestions that collagen peptides can improve some other conditions which appear with age. For example, a research found that peptides can improve bone mass and minimize bone loss due to a disease or severe treatments of a disease.

Creatine peptides, on the other hand, can help athletes push their limits. They can improve strength and stamina and help us overcome the feeling of fatigue. This substance can also lead to more efficient muscle mass creation which can help us reach our training goal more quickly. Apart from its anabolic features, peptides can contribute to recovering from injuries, which is very important for professional sportsmen, and to speed up the process of rebuilding the muscle tissue. One of the frequent reasons why athletes slow down on their training is the fact that high intensity trainings lead to small tears in the muscle mass. In order to enable it to heal, you have to take a break. Peptides minimize or eliminate this problem and allow us to be back on track more quickly than if we allowed the muscle to heal without any supplements. Another reason why some athletes would choose peptides over other substances is the fact that some of them can be undetectable. The World Anti-Doping Agency prohibited the use of many types of peptides precisely because it is proven they can have anabolic effects and turn the game in your favor. However, the agency has to pay close attention at the available peptide supplements on the market, because new types keep popping up, and due to the speed of them being processing by our organism, some of them can go unnoticed in the urine testing.

Side Effect of Peptides

Peptides are definitely one of the substances which bring more benefits than side effects. Research showed that side effects are mild, and many people never experience any of them. Those which are taken by mouth are frequently undetectable in the bloodstream as our organism can break it down into separate amino acids before they reach our blood. If applied as a cream, they can cause sensitivity and itching. If you already have any condition or a disease you should research the possible side effects which can appear if you mix them with the medication you already use. Since peptides are treated as supplements, they are not strictly controlled by the FDA. This is why it is important to read the label carefully and buy this supplement from verified sources.

Popular Peptides

There are many types of peptides on the market. Before opting for any one of them you should determine what you want to accomplish by taking it. One of the advantages of these supplements is the fact that they are often quite affordable which makes them even more appealing. We will now present you with some of the most popular peptides.

Hgh Fragment 176-191

This peptide is part of GH-growth hormone. This fragment of GH is responsible for fat burning abilities which growth hormone possess. This is why it has become very popular among athletes, but also among other people who want to lose weight. This peptide works in a way that it improves lipolitic action and gives boost to our metabolism. Another important advantage of HGH fragment is the fact that it avoids some of the side effects, which taking regular synthetic HGH can bring. For example, very common issue which comes with taking HGH is hyperglycemia. This side effect is minimized or completely avoided when taking HGH fragment. However, one of the common side effects is irritation of the skin around the place where the peptide was injected.


Ghrp-2 or Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide-2 is a synthetic substance which affects the pituitary gland, in charge of releasing growth hormone. This substance is frequently used for managing growth hormone deficiency which comes with older age or health issues. The peptide has the ability to increase the level of this important hormone in our organism. The surge in HGH can also result in increased strength and endurance when working out and offer better results when it comes to building muscles. Ghrp-2 can also give us the feeling of well-being and being energized. The important advantage of this substance is that you can use it without taking breaks, which are obligatory when taking for example, steroids. It usually comes in the form of a powder and it is more affordable than regular synthetic HGH.


Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide-6 is quite similar to Ghrp-2 when it comes to its abilities and effects. This supplement also has the ability to speed up weight-loss process and improve the levels of growth hormone in the organism. They still differ in some aspects, and which one of them you will try depends on preference and your goals. Ghrp-2 is definitely more potent out of these two. It also can increase GH levels more significantly, and has better control over prolactin and cortisol release. Naturally, Ghrp-2 has longer half-life, so if you want the supplement which will be effective, but disappear from your system more quickly, you should opt for Ghrp-6.


Peptides are very powerful substances similar to protein. They can have various positive effects on our body and organism such as improving the quality of our skin, removing wrinkles, fat burning, enhancing our strength and stamina at the gym. Because they are subtler when compared to many other types of supplements, peptides have mild side effects, or even manage to avoid them altogether. However, before choosing to try one of them you should do a thorough research about its ingredients and effects. If you have some preexisting condition, the best option is to consult your doctor.

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