Pakistanis have soft bones for lack of exercise, use of steroids

Sep 21, 2018

KARACHI: Pakistanis have ‘very soft bones’ due to excessive use of steroids, lack of exercise and poor dietary habits, which is resulting in the destruction of their joints at an early age as compared to Americans or people living in other parts of the developed world, visiting orthopedic specialists from US hospitals told The News. “Bones of Pakistani people are very soft as compared to people in the United States and other developed countries and the main reason we have identified is the excessive use of steroids in Pakistan, lack of exercise and poor nutrition,” said Dr Junaid Makda from Advocate Condell Hospital, Chicago, who is heading a six-member team that is performing 65 hip and knee replacement surgeries at Indus Hospital Karachi. The six-member team comprises three orthopedic specialists, a physician assistant, a physiotherapist and a manager and they are from different US hospitals who have come to Indus Hospital for the second time to perform marathon surgeries and procedures to replace hips and knee joints of Pakistani patients whose bones and joints had decayed. US orthopedic specialists were surprised at the excessive use of steroids by Pakistani people for the pain management and were also shocked to learn that there was no control over the use of drugs and medicines in the country.


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