Larry Wheels Clarifies Stance On Steroid Usage

Nov 01, 2018

Athletes rarely discuss their steroid routine because, well, they’re usually illegal, against the rules of their federation, or both. But now and then an athlete will, for whatever reason, openly discuss their clandestine performance-enhancing drug routine, and this week Larry “Wheels” Williams has posted his second ever video on the topic. The first time he publicly spoke about his steroid cycle he eventually took the video down from his YouTube channel, but he’s once again gone public. We’ve embedded the video below but note that the majority of it is spent discussing his childhood. After talking about his time in foster care he describes his time living in Saint Martin, where being a target of bullies led him to take up weight training to build confidence. Then he returned to the United States, picked up a recreational drug habit, and eventually the same friend who introduced him to drugs suggested he try anabolic steroids.


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