Jun 07, 2020


For a while, the supplement industry was focused on finding the ways of enhancing performance at the gym, building muscle mass more effectively, and improving our endurance during highly intensive workouts. However, the topic which recently appeared as equally popular is about the supplements which can reverse or stop the aging process in many regards. This can be accomplished through anti-aging features that some peptides have. There are different types of peptides on the market, but the ones which have the ability to give us our youth back, are definitely the most popular ones among men and women, middle-age and older people. One of such peptides is Ipamorelin, and one of its main advantages is the fact that, in addition to very noticeable results on our body and organism, it comes with very mild or no side effects.

What is Ipamorelin?

Ipamorelin belongs to a group of simple peptides and contains 5 amino acids in its chain. It affects the growth hormone in our organism, but the substance itself is not a hormone. This peptide is actually known as a growth hormone secretagogue, which means that it causes the increased level of secretion of GH in our organism by affecting the pituitary gland. The substance acts similarly to the hormone which is naturally produced in our body- ghrelin, and its activity is what leads to higher production of GH. Growth hormone is a very important substance for normal growth of children and teenagers. Apart from this function, the substance has many other abilities, such as building bone and muscle mass, speeding up our metabolism, enhancing the fat burning process, giving us more energy, and repairing the tissue after an injury. After we reach the age of 30, levels of GH in our organism start decreasing, approximately 10-15% every 10 years. Many negative aspects of life which come with older age are the consequence of lower secretion and lower levels of this important substance in our organism. This is why Ipamorelin is so effective and powerful when it comes to fighting the natural aging process. By increasing our levels of GH, it can give us back many aspects of young age we used to have.

Ipamorelin Benefits

It is important to mention that Ipamorelin can be used as a medication to treat lower level of GH in children and teenagers. Having normal levels of this hormone is crucial for normal development and prevention of retarded growth. However, this substance is still not widely used for treating such conditions.

More frequently Ipamorelin is used for its anti-aging features. Many people who used it for some time claim that it is a miracle-worker and that it changed their life for the better. This drug is frequently used by people who enjoy intense workouts and want to enhance the results they can get out of it. Ipamorelin has the ability to give us more energy and stamina to endure high intensity workouts and overcome the feeling of exhaustion. It can also contribute to repairing the tissue and wound healing process if we get injured when training. It can also minimize symptoms of muscle inflammation, strain and soreness which comes after some workouts. Taking Ipamorelin regularly can also lead to adding more lean muscle mass more easily and more quickly. This substance is also popular among the people who want to lose weight as it can speed up our metabolism and contribute to more effective fat burning process. People who don’t train regularly are also interested in this substance for different reasons. It can increase their energy levels, which can also result in increase of libido. Ipamorelin can also offer some health benefits such as improved immune response and decrease the risk from developing some diseases such as osteoporosis. People struggling with insomnia like the fact that this substance can contribute to maintaining a healthy sleeping pattern.

Ipamorelin Side Effects

There are only a few side effects. In most cases they are mild and people are able to continue taking the substance even if they experience them. Many regular users never notice any side effects from this peptide. Some of the known side effects are sensitivity of the skin around the injection site, digestive issues, nausea, vomiting, increased appetite, water retention and headaches.

Peptides in general are easily processed by our organism and they rarely have any severe side effects. This is why the supplements based on peptides are gaining more popularity. It is important to know that supplements based on growth hormone instead of growth hormone secretagogue exist on the market, but these two are not the same. While taking growth hormone might bring some effects more quickly, it comes with harsh side effects. Injecting pre-packed hormone of any kind into your bloodstream can cause very unnatural or uneven levels of a particular hormone in your organism which can lead to the development of serious conditions and diseases, including cancer. This is why it is far better to stick to the peptide alternatives when choosing the supplement.

Ipamorelin Dosage

Ipamorelin comes in different forms such as tablets, nasal spray, subcutaneous injections- injected under the skin. The third option is the most widespread and tested, which is why we would always recommend you use this form. It is injected in the soft tissue area such as thighs or stomach. When it comes to dosage, Ipamorelin is usually taken once a day, in the amount of 150 micrograms per injection. Many supplements you can order online contain more micrograms, but this is because they contain a mixture of other substances in addition to Ipamorelin. Every supplement should contain a label giving precise instruction on how it should be used. Always remember to read it carefully and take it in accordance with these instructions.


Ipamorelin is a very powerful peptide with the ability to reverse the aging process. It can improve your energy levels, speed up muscle building and fat burning process, and improve your health by boosting your immune system. One of the main benefits is the fact that Ipamorelin comes with very mild side effects and gives amazing results. When choosing the right supplement version, always opt for the injectable one, and check the label for instructions on the proper dosage.

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