Growth Hormone

Apr 27, 2020

Growth Hormone

If you are one of the people wondering how come that bodybuilders have such big muscles and defined body when you go to the gym regularly and don’t see such results, the answer is supplements. There are various kinds of training supplements created to improve results at the gym, give you larger muscles, and more energy and endurance. The most famous are definitely anabolics, probably because they are the most widespread and used for a long time. However, people who are into taking supplements are now, more than ever, presented with many choices. Anabolics were like an inspiration which pushed supplement industry to come up with the new ways of boosting muscles while minimizing side effects. As a result, today we have supplements such as SARMs, pre-workouts, post-cycle therapy, prohormones and among other things- growth hormone. This synthetic substance has significant effects on muscles building and fat burning, and it works a bit differently from steroids. We will now see what these are, how they are used, and what benefits and side effects they can bring.

What is Growth Hormone?

Human Growth Hormone or HGH is a hormone which is naturally produced in our organism by the pituitary gland. It is crucial for normal development of the body and organs. HGH is particularly important for children and teenagers as it ensures natural body growth. It also contributes to cell production and regeneration. This hormone assists in building muscles and bone mass, controls body fluids, ensures proper functioning of our metabolism and improves heart function. The hormone is also important for repairing and maintaining healthy tissue. If we didn’t have it in our organism, normal development would be impossible. HGH starts being produced in childhood, it is on the highest level in the teenage period, and starts decreasing in middle age.

In order to combat different conditions a synthetic version of HGH was invented near the end of the 20th century. It was used for treating insufficient growth in children caused by various diseases, and HGH deficiency. This medicine will sometimes be prescribed to adults also. It found its use in treating muscle wasting diseases and side effects of severe treatments such as radiation, surgery and chemotherapy. It is also beneficial for limiting the consequences of the pituitary gland cancer. This synthetic hormone is approved and legal, but only for medical purposes.

HGH as a Training Supplement

Apart from its medical uses, HGH found its application among bodybuilders, professional athletes and general population. People who enjoy using steroids sometimes opt for HGH as a substitute. The reason why it became so popular among the people who like to train is the fact that it contributes to muscle building, but also muscle repairing after severe training sessions. Growth hormone can also speed up the healing process, which is a very important feature for professional athletes who need to recover and be back on track quickly after the injury. Due to its abilities to improve metabolism, HGH can also contribute significantly to fat burning. Therefore, whether you want to bulk and put on more muscles or burn the fat around your belly, you might find this substance very appealing.

On top of having steroid-like effects when it comes to shaping the body, HGH has additional positive effects which make people try it. Supplement industry claims that this substance can improve the quality of your skin, enhance hair growth, level blood sugar, give you additional sex drive and boost your testosterone level. There are also claims that HGH can improve memory, vision, sleep cycle and immune system response. Most importantly, it is frequently argued that this hormone is the key to the anti-aging process. It is believed that it can either reverse the aging or slow it down considerably. However, it is important to know that these effects are still largely debated. There is no research which supports the “forever young” theories. HGH does have an effect on cell production, tissue repairing, and assists in building muscle mass. However, if you want to try HGH for its other effects such as rejuvenating the body, you might want to wait till there is some firm evidence that this is the right choice.

HGH can be found in the form of an injection, pill or spray. Prescribed HGH is always injected. Many athletes opt for injecting it directly in the muscle, as there is no sufficient evidence to support effectiveness of other forms. Some researchers also point out that if it is taken orally it has minimum to no effect because the body never manages to absorb it.

Side Effects of HGH

As anabolic steroids or steroid-related drugs, this hormone can bring different side effects too. The usage of HGH for the purposes of enhancing the muscle mass and improving training routine is still under research. This means that we are still unable to talk about the long-term side effects. It is expected that the list of side effects grows as we learn more about how this hormone affects our body and organism.

Some of the known side effects are fluid retention and swelling of the limbs, mood swings and anxiety, skin sensitiveness, liver damage, low blood sugar, exhaustion. It is possible that men face the condition called gynecomastia which means that they develop female breast tissue. Growth hormone can cause enlarged hands, feet and facial features. As HGH has the ability to improve the production of cells, this can be a very dangerous feature if you already have cancer. This hormone can multiply cancerous cells which can lead to a significant growth and spread of the cancer. The consumption of HGH can cause enlarged heart and increase the risk of developing a heart disease. One of the side effects is also carpal tunnel syndrome. This is a median nerve compression. It occurs on the palm of your hand and can lead to different sensations in your fingers and hand such as numbness or weakness.

These side effects shouldn’t be disregarded. Before you opt for using HGH, you should read the label carefully and research the possible side effects. HGH can be prescribed, but people who use it as a training boost buy it illicitly and these versions of growth hormone are not strictly regulated. That is why it is important to buy your supplements from the verified sources.


SeroVital is one of the most popular dietary supplements. It works in a way that it boosts production of natural HGH in your organism, but doesn’t give you a pre-packed dosage of HGH. It is based on amino acids and used by men and women. SeroVital became appealing to supplements fans because it has the ability to improve lean muscle mass, contribute to the weight loss and fat burning, and give you more energy at the gym. This supplement is also used by people who don’t train regularly because it can also improve mood and sleep, reduce wrinkles, and help the weight loss process. Some versions of the supplement enhance skin quality, hydration and digestion.

SeroVital can bring some side effects too, but since it doesn’t contain HGH, these are considerably milder. Some of them are allergic reactions, stomach pain, digestive issues, nausea, vomiting and bloating.


Growth hormone found its use among athletes and bodybuilders because of the ability to improve bone and muscle mass, increase strength and give you more energy to endure intensive trainings. It is used alone or in combination with other supplements. Apart from this, HGH is consumed as a dietary product because it can improve fat burning process. This substance was used in the past for treating some medical conditions, but it is new in the supplement industry. More research is needed to establish all the positive and negative effects of HGH on our body and organism. What you must bear in mind is that HGH which you can buy without the prescription is not strictly regulated, so you need to read the label carefully before starting to use it. If you want to avoid severe side effects, there are formulas which don’t contain HGH, but can boost the natural production of this hormone. The most popular one is SeroVital which can be ordered online. Apart from enhancing performance at the gym, this supplement can bring improvements in other aspects such as the quality of skin, sleep and general satisfaction.

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