Liv-52 is an herbal medicine used widely in Europe and Asia to support metabolic and liver health. While in some countries this product is regarded as a drug, it contains all natural ingredients including capparis spinosa, terminalia arjuna, cichorium intybus, achillea millefolium, solanum nigrum, tamarix gallica, and cassia occidentalis. It is specifically used in the prevention or treatment of hepatitis, alcoholic liver disease, early liver cirrhosis, protein energy malnutrition, loss of appetite, radiation and chemotherapy-induced liver damage, as an adjunct to hepatotoxic drugs, and to support metabolism during convalescence or prolonged illness. As the first three letters of its name would suggest, overall liver health is the primary focus of this product. Bodybuilders and athletes use Liv-52 as a way to reduce the level of strain placed on the liver by hepatotoxic anabolic/androgenic steroids. Numerous medical studies have been conducted on Liv-52 in recent years, many of which involve its ability to protect the liver from damage by alcohol or other toxins. One investigation in particular looked at how the herbal medication affected the breakdown of alcohol in the body, showing that it notably increased its excretion, even to the point of being able to reduce next day hangover symptoms after binge drinking. Another study investigated what underlying mechanism might be involved in Liv-52’s ability to protect the liver against alcohol toxicity. It demonstrated that one mechanism involved a specific ability to slow the rate of glutathione depletion. This may be very important to the steroid-using athlete, as glutathione depletion is looked at as a direct marker of liver stress with c-17 alpha alkylated orals. Note that while these studies lend support for the use of a natural remedy like Liv-52 during hepatotoxic steroid administration, they do not provide complete assurance that this remedy can prevent liver damage.

Brand name Liv-52

Liv-52 History

Liv-52 is an herbal product that has its roots in ayurvedic medicine, an age old form of Hindu science and medicine that centers on the use of natural remedies. Liv-52 is manufactured by the Himalaya Drug Co. in Bombay, India, and was first introduced to the global market in 1955. Over the years it came to be a widely distributed and popular natural product. In 2002, the Swiss government actually classified Liv-52 as a pharmaceutical product, which is believed to be the first time an herbal remedy was adopted as a prescription drug in Western Europe. Liv-52 had already been popular with steroid using bodybuilders and athletes for many years by this point, and further clinical support only cemented this position. Liv-52 presently remains the most commonly used form of natural liver support among the steroidusing community today.

How is Liv-52 Supplied

Liv-52 is supplied in capsules containing a 450 mg of a blend of caper bush (capparis spinosa), arjuna (terminalia arjuna), wild chicory (cichorium intybus), yarrow (achillea millefolium), black nightshade (solanum nigrum), tamarisk (tamarix gallica), and negro coffee (cassia occidentalis).

Liv-52 Side Effects

Liv-52 is a natural herbal supplement medication and is not expected to have notable side effects.

Liv-52 Administration

For general liver support or as an adjunct to hepatotoxic pharmaceuticals, Liv-52 is generally taken at a dosage of 1-2 capsules 2 times per day.

Liv-52 Availability

Liv-52 is produced exclusively by the Himalaya Drug Company, and is distributed widely in many areas of the world. In some regions, including the United States, the product is marketed under the LiverCare trade name.


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