Estandrone is an interesting drug containing 3 different testosterone esters and 2 estrogen esters. Based upon interviews, males using 2-6 ml weekly divided into 2-3 injections, and women using 1-2 ml weekly experience fast strength and mass weight gains due to Estandrons major anabolic /anti-catabolic properties. Additionally, this drug increased joint lubrication, muscle glycogen/nitrogen storage, and due to its estradiol content, increased calcium storage in bones significantly.

Brand name Estandrone, Ambosex

Estandrone (contains)

  • Testosterone Propionate 20mg
  • Testosterone Phenylpropionate 40mg
  • Testosterone Iscaprioate 40mg
  • Estradiol Phenylpropionate 4mg
  • Estradiol Benzoate 1mg

Estandrone was created with the intended use of treatment for various conditions resulting from menopause in women. Female athletes used the product to obtain the effects of testosterone while utilizing the somewhat protective qualities from virilization of estrogens. Males who are prone to prostate problems, hair loss, and serious acne use reported the product allowed them to reap the rapid mass gains of testosterone use while minimizing these effects.

*These individuals (Males) are in error. Estrogens have been shown to have a growth stimulating effect upon prostate tissue also.

The down side was the increased fat deposits the elevated estrogen levels brought. Since estrogen are anabolic in low dosages, some just do not care. Instead they rave about the weight and strength gains while enjoying amazing pumps. Males prone toward gynecomastia should have obviously avoided this drug unless wet T- shirts were the competition plan.


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