Danocrine — danazol

Danocrine is an antigonadotropin. In school medicine it is used to treat hormone-related disorders. One such disorder, for example, is the hormone-related breast enlargement in men, better known as gynecomastia.

Brand name Anargil, Danatrol, Danocrine, Danogar, Danokrin, Danol, Danoval, Ladogal, Mastodanatrol, Winobanin

Bodybuilders can use Danocrine to minimize possible feminization caused by the aromatizing of steroids. It is our experience that the daily dose should be around 400 mg. Danocrine has a mild androgenic effect but no anabolic effect. The possible side effects such as virilization symptoms, hot flashes, perspiration, in-creased libido, increased liver values, and high blood pressure through retention of fluids are highly dependent on the dose and they usually decrease again later. It is difficult to find Danocrine on the black market since it is rarely used by athletes. The official price for 100 capsules of 200 mg each is $330. Fakes are not known at this time.ß

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Danocrine is an antigonadotropin. Danocrine from the substance Danazol, has a couple of popular trade names: Danatrol, Winobanin, Anargil, and Mastodanatrol. Danocrine has no anabolic effect and a slight androgenic effect. Often times it is used to treat hormone related disorders such as gynecomastia. Bodybuilders have been known to use a daily dose of around 400mg per day. Because it isn’t a very popular product it is tough to find on the black market. It ranges in price, for 100capsules of 200mg each you can be expected to pay anywhere from $330-$390.

Possible side effects: (depending on the dose of course) hot flashes, perspiration, increased libido, increased liver values, and high blood pressure.


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