Swiss Pharmaceuticals

opacity Underground producer

Verified by Swiss Government by ID NO RECORD
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Underground production. Produced in Eastern Europe. Products does not contain declared substances.

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• Mar 02, 2020 star star star star star

Yohimbine is not really working in my opinion, hope the Ligandrol is better…

• Feb 29, 2020 star star star star star

I bought ANDROSTEBOL from a source in gym. I tested it and it was underdosed. It didnt have any verification code on it (but you can find on the website verification section). There is a reason why these products are so cheap...they are aware.

• Feb 20, 2020 star star star star star

I just got 2 bottles of stenabolic everything looks good but something is just not right about this brand. If you keep submitting validation numbers even at random they will validate after a few tries. I smell a rat.

• Jan 29, 2020 star star star star star

Confirmed very bad labs 4 week with Ibutamoren and Ligandrol zero result…