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The company works on Moldovan market since 2006. In recent years, the brand has fallen down in popularity because of the large number of fake products from Romania and Bulgaria.

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• Jun 26, 2020

I have Balkan Pharmaceuticals methandienone.All box have 100 10mg pills,4 blister pack.I have 2 box and both have 6 blister pack.Maybe Balkan make mistake in packing.

• May 01, 2020 star star star star star

I am healthier, leaner, have an increase in libido, and more energy. Because of a fairly low Test E dosage, I have not had any real sides that I could recogize besides some oily skin. I am intending to increase the test dosage and stack a couple of these products for muscle mass and sculpting shortly. In all, I have had an exceptional experience and gains from these products.

• Apr 14, 2020 star star star star star

I have ordered Testosterone Enanthate, Winstrol and Arimidex from Balkan. It was a great cycle helped me to increase my strength and gaining more muscle. I used the cycle for 12 weeks. I look forward to order from Balkan again.

• Mar 10, 2020 star star star star star

In Moldova only Balkan can sell steroid in pharmacy for human use, they are a huge company and they have a monopoly. All others factory that would make aas , only can produce it for veterinary use, like vermodje for example. Or can produce ugl, but in illegal way.

• Feb 20, 2020 star star star star star

Finally also strombaject is ready with the new packaging. Now all the Balkan products are with new anti counterfeit packaging.

• Feb 06, 2020 star star star star star

Hello brothers ... I used the balkan tbol in July / August 2016 and it was the first time in my life when I experienced back pumps, they were terrible, even while I was walking down the street, I couldn't walk more than 50 meters with my daughter in my arms ... when I was training I only needed a few sets of warming to congest blood muscles. I had never used the tbol, and was impressed by the results.

• Jan 20, 2020 star star star star star

Now balkan changed all the packaging, and there aren’t fake of new batch with new packaging. So if your reseller have balkan new design, means that he have 100% original balkan products.